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Fab Finds: Try The World - Brazil

My Brazil box was packed with so much spice and flavor that I couldn't WAIT to dig in and get my hands on everything!!

Take a closer look inside!

So far, I've been able to try a few of the items and what I've tried I have LOVED!!  The Parana Coffee is SO good, especially when made in a French Press!  You can really taste the bold flavors of that infamous Brazilian coffee!  One cup is all you need to wake your pretty self up!

The next thing I've been eating nonstop is the Jabuticaba Jam! (Like, I don't even know what that IS!!)  Let me tell you something, I can barely pronounce the name of this delightful jam, but it is so sweet and delicious that I've been happily slathering it on my toast in the morning!  I'm very happy I was able to try something new!

The last one I've been able to enjoy is the Brazil Nut Cookies, I mean, how can you not!?  I had to do my best not to eat the whole package because they are so nutty and buttery and just so so good!  I'm doing my very best to pace myself with these yummy treats!

I am VERY much looking forward to baking up some of the Brazilian cheese bread, because we have a local place here in town that makes them (P*DE*Q) and I know EXACTLY what they taste like....AMAZING!!!  So to have them at my fingertips!??!  Yes. Please.

If any of these items caught your eye, head over to Try The World's shop and you can buy them right now!

Fab Finds: "Go Forth and Multitask" Birchbox

Fab Finds: "Go Forth and Multitask" Birchbox

Fab Finds: Di Raimondo's Italian Market & Cheese Shop

Fab Finds: Di Raimondo's Italian Market & Cheese Shop