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Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Vegas had me obsessing all kinds this week!  Check out a few of my favorite Vegas obsessions as well as some others...

I definitely consumed this lemon spaghetti with jumbo prawns while dining Al Fresco at Giada's in Vegas! 

An after dinner cocktail called "Carajillo" that I had at Joe's in Vegas changed my life!  You know the smell of coffee in the morning?  And you wish your coffee ACTUALLY tasted like that!?!  THIS TASTES LIKE THAT!!!!! Heaven.

Totally wish I had these chic little babies to rock while working the baking show this past weekend!  LOVE!

The sixteen spice chicken from Mesa Grill in Las Vegas was unreal!! So much flavor and cooked to perfection!

I didn't see David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear, but he did make a car, a motorcycle and a spaceship appear, so that's pretty darn cool!

I scored this leather number at Zara in Vegas for a much better price than here and I am NOT mad about it!

Also, need these boots...come ON!

AAAAAAND I maaaay or may not have purchased these hot little kickers!

Madewell just opened up here in town and I am DYYYING to go!!! Also, pretty sure this top is screaming my name!

So I kinda need one of these in my hand, RIGHT NOW! DEEELISH!

Someone gimme all these bowls, they're GORGEOUS!!!!!

Anything you've been eyeing this week!?!

#ohboydido - Napa Valley Wedding

#ohboydido - Napa Valley Wedding

Guess Where I'm Heading...

Guess Where I'm Heading...