#ohboydido - Napa Valley Wedding

Today I have the honor of attending my dear friend Jessica's wedding who is marrying her sweetie Matt, and wanna know where!? NAPA VALLEY PEOPLE!  Her parents own a GORGEOUS vineyard, so I'm sure you figured it out... parental's home + gorgeous vineyard = VINEYARD WEDDING! #easymath I've known Jessica since freshman year of college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and we sure have lived AND learned a lot since then! I couldn't be more excited to spend this special day with her and Matt and all of our closest friends!!  It's so amazing that just this past August we were all together celebrating our friends Kit and Adrienne's wedding and we'll back at it again to get THIS party started and send Jessica and Matt off with bells ringing, rice in the air, doves flying and glitter bombs exploding!  ....OK maybe not quite that extreme, but the important thing is that we'll all be there! 

I am so excited for the festivities!!

The Bride and Groom - Jessica & Matt

Take a look back at the Tahoe wedding from August, aren't we a good looking group!?

Aaaaaand for your viewing pleasure, a sweet little throwback of Jess and I from 2009!