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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Boyd!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Boyd!

What a magical weekend we had celebrating the marriage of my amazing friends Matt and Jessica Boyd! Jessica looked absolutely stunning and Matt was perfectly handsome!  Of course, as soon as the curtain was drawn back, tears began to flood my eyes as Jess began walking down the aisle side by side with her adorable father!

Even with rain hitting the roof, it was such a romantic and beautiful setting, probably not something the bride and groom imagined for their wedding day, but it was absolutely perfect. Our OTHER friend Matt officiated the wedding and shared such wonderful memories about how the couple met and a heartfelt message about how much they both mean to each other.

In no time, the two lovebirds were married and we were ACTUALLY throwing rice on them as they walked back down the isle! We were finally ready to get this party started!!


First of all, you know I'm completely on board when the color scheme is red, black and white, so let's just address that right off the bat!  The wedding was held at Jessica's parent's vineyard in Napa called "Triple J Vineyard" and it was breathtaking!  Due to the rain, cocktail hour was held inside their beautiful home where Silver Oak was literally poured on tap, Moscow Mules were made to order and Manhattan and Old Fashioned cocktails were served up upon request!   After we stuffed our tummies with delicious appetizers, delectable wines and a scrumptious cheese spread, there was a break in the rain, so we gracefully made our way to the reception area where twinkle lights and red globe lanterns lit up the entire tent!  Like I said, it was magical.

The night was full of sweet speeches given by friends and family, a beautiful solo sung by the husband to his new wife and a night full of energetic dancing!  I'd have to say one of the highlights of my evening was seeing Jessica get on the mic with one of the singers from the band and belt out "I love rock and roll!"  The look on her face was absolutely epic! #inherzone

As the evening carried on, we all witnessed the most unbelievable sunset! If that's not a wedding gift within itself, then I don't know what is!

Photo Credit: Lauren Olerich

I truly couldn't be more happy for Jessica and Matt!  They really are a perfect match for each other and I am so excited to not only see them grow together, but to be a part of their life journey as well!  They are such special people to me and I love them dearly!! 

Jessica and Matt - FYI, I am willing to wait that 10 years to drink the anniversary bottle of wine I signed with you!  If I would've been paying closer attention I would've signed the one year! haha  Cheers to 50+ years!!

Photo Credit: Kyle Dozeman

Wish Me Luck!

#ohboydido - Napa Valley Wedding

#ohboydido - Napa Valley Wedding