Fab Finds: My Post Surgery Survival Kit

Hey Everyone! Just a quick surgery update!  On Wednesday, I got my stitches out and have been doing pretty good since then.  I'm still in some pain, but I'm definitely hanging in there.  I gotta tell you though, if it weren't for these few things that I've been using on the reg, I probably wouldn't be recovering HALF as well! 

Take a look! 

I have literally been living in these Lou & Grey sweatpants!! I got mine earlier this year from their store on Santa Row and mine are dark grey.  They are the softest, coziest, most comfortable sweatpants I have EVER owned.  Randy forces me to change if we go out in public...it's becoming a problem people. 

Every morning...ish, I wake up, put a pot of water on the stove and make myself a cup of this delicious tea with cream and sugar!! It is absolutely delightful! It's my favorite tea to drink when it's cozy time.  Last year, I got so carried away that I bought two boxes at once because they only carry it seasonly and I wanted it all year long.  It was a very good decision. You can find it at Trader Joe's or you can buy it on Amazon! (link below)

A couple Christmases ago, my mom bought me these slippers, but in blue (although I wouldn't mind these adorable little red numbers!) and I have worn them into the ground. They are the most comfortable slippers I have ever owned! I literally flip out when I can't find them... thank goodness I don't have pups that chew slippers otherwise we'd have a problem!!

I picked up this lip balm at the General Store in Paso Robles back in September and I absolutely LOVE it!! It has not left my side during my recovery because it is so refreshingly yummy on the lips and I just can't get enough!

When you have surgery, you need something that will help you replenish all your electrolytes.  A lot of people use Pedialyte, but Ultima is basically an adult version of that! I get the raspberry flavor because it tastes delicious and it turns into a hot pink color so it's fun to drink!! #fab

I have had my water bottle attached to my hip since my surgery.  Believe it or not, I have actually been sleeping with it!  I just get so thirsty!  Water is an important factor in the recovery process, so I'm making sure to stay hydrated at ALL times!

Remember when I mentioned how obsessed I was with this candle?!?  Well, I'm still obsessed with it over here! It has been burning nonstop and keeping my house smelling super spicy and full of Fall!

Usually my nightly routine ends with a bowl of delicious Halo Top ice cream topped with both, yes both magic shell toppings! Heaven in a bowl. I am patiently waiting for Whole Foods in Fresno to release the new flavors!! You better believe I made my mom AND dad go hunt down the new flavors for me last week, unfortunately, they were unsuccessful! haha

So there you have it, the key things that have truly been keeping me alive post surgery! If you have any recommendations that you think would be helpful, let me know! I am so down to try anything!!