Guess Where I'm Heading...


Gorgeous photo courtesy of my very talented friend Aaron Pedro of Boogie Photograhy

Work is taking me on yet another trip, but this time to Las Vegas, Nevada and I'm pretty darn excited!  Why you ask!?!  Because I haven't been to Vegas since 2010 people!!! THAT'S CRAZY TALK!!!!  Fortunately (yes, fortunately) on this trip I will be on very good behavior, because you know what, let's face it, I'm not in my 20's anymore and besides I'd probably be the grandma on the dance floor by herself at 9pm sipping her "buttery" chardonnay.  It's just simply reality!  What's even more of a reality is FOOD!!!  I'm so excited about all the places we will be dining, but there is one specific place that has been on my bucket list since it opened about two years ago, so stay tuned, because you will NOT want to miss that experience!!  (There's a hint in the photo below, see if you can figure it out!)

As for now, you can follow all my adventures on Instagram (@kimberlykbedrosian) and Snapchat (@hyeper17)!!

Another great shot by Boogie Photography!

Viva Las Vegas Baby!!