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Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Fabulously Obsessing Over...

I am sloooowly making my Christmas wish list and this week's obsessions are definitely making a debut on that list!

Completely obsessed with Haylie's new show on the Cooking Channel called "Haylie's America!" I've been binge watching that bad boy majorly! ...she's so darn cute!!

I've been on the hunt for a new spice set and I just love how chic this one is!

These little beauties are perfect for those Holiday parties you've got coming up! They're the perfect height for a long night out!

Absolutely obsessed with this zip-around eye shadow palette by Dior, absolutely perfect for traveling!

This top with this skirt, yes.

I am salivating thinking about creating cocktails made with these mixers!! Need. Now.

I definitely need this piece to add to my imaginary copper kitchen collection! So gorgeous!! 

Let's just take a moment and discuss how adorably festive this serving board is! Agh! Need!

I'm also a complete sucker for sequined pillows at Christmastime, sooooo I should probably start collecting now!

If my house were all white, I honestly would decorate my tree like this! I think it's so fun and festive!!

I am eyeing one of the Pop & Suki personalized bags, but since they only allow 6 letters, can't decide what I should get...Kimmy? Kimbo? Bedro? What do you think!?!? Class input please! 

I love anything that supports a charity, so this Buffalo Offering jewelry line that Bethany Joy Lenz created is absolutely stunning and has such a beautiful message!

Wouldn't you love a slipper that you could wear at home....and then out to run your errands in too!?! Found 'em! My friend Liz introduced me to Mahabis, and I am SOOOO intrigued!! 

As you can see, there are plenty of Christmas list opportunities right here!! Whatcha got on YOUR Christmas list!??!

Fab Finds: Giada Las Vegas

Fab Finds: Giada Las Vegas

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Fab Finds: Artist Spotlight - Sia