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Fab Finds: Giada Las Vegas

Fab Finds: Giada Las Vegas

Guys, I did it! I finally crossed something off my foodie bucket list!! This place has been on my to do list since they opened two years ago and I am so happy the time finally came!

Giada Las Vegas, here we go!!

Once Vegas was booked, I immediately put this place on our dining list for the trip and decided to finish our culinary adventure right here and spend our last evening in Vegas with Giada. (So we wished!)  Not only that, but I surprised the group with a special dining experience called "Al Fresco" which is recognized as Las Vegas Review Journal's "Best Restaurant with a View." Here Giada offers her guests the chance to experience breathtaking views of the Bellagio fountains and the Las Vegas Strip all while enjoying her very own or some might say world renowned Italian cuisine. 

After we were seated, our awesomely charismatic waiter came to the table and brought us an iPad which turned out to be the appetizer and drink menu! I thought, go Giada! She's got it together! After we took turns browsing, we decided on our cocktails, then of course, the grand master of appetizer ordering aka moi, did her thang! 

Each table is immediately served with a freshly baked loaf of focaccia bread, still warm from the oven, as well as delicious crunchy breadsticks and savory parmesan crisps, all served with a variety of seasonings, a delicious dipping sauce, softened butter, and crispy fried capers! Liiiike come to mama!!! On top of that, we ordered one of Giada's BEAUTIFUL Antipasti Platters which came with an assortment of gorgeously arranged meats and cheeses that leave your mouth salivating! I can honestly tell you this is what I dream of, so to have the real deal here at Giada's was a dream.

The next appetizer we ordered was the Bacon Wrapped Dates which are stuffed with spicy Italian sausage and gorgonzola crema. Yeah, you heard me. Hold up for one second though...I gotta admit something right here, right now! I love bacon, BUT I'm not a fan of bacon wrapped things BECAUSE the bacon tends to be undercooked and still really fatty. You know how most fancy restaurants offer a bacon wrapped filet? Yeah, I'm that person who asks for no bacon. I just can't do it unless it's super, extra crispy! SO, the reason I brought that up is because the bacon around these dates were cooked absolutely perfectly. Super crispy on the outside and creamy and gooey on the inside! Delicious!!

Our choice of wine for the evening happened to be from none other than Andrea Bocelli's family wines. Now that's pretty cool right!? It was such a delightful wine and a perfect pairing for all our meals!

Onto the greens for the evening...This salad may look simple, but it was probably one of the best arugula salads I have ever had. I have such a crush on arugula right now and I couldn't WAIT to dive into this baby!! This salad is made up of arugula (obvi), candied lemon (OMG), crispy pancetta, and of course parmigiano-reggiano. Oh, and a quick side note: if you go happen to pop into Giada's, you MUST ask for freshly ground pepper on SOMETHING, it will be the most amazing site you will see. HONEST.  

Time for more food!!

Here we ordered an assortment of pastas as well as a few other dishes. Giada has purposely made her pasta portions small because they're supposed to be eaten BEFORE your main dish. Isn't that funny!? I like the way Italians think!

|| PASTA ||

Bucatini - Calabrian chili pomodoro & fresh ricotta

Ravioli - Lobster, lemon butter emulsion, brussels sprouts & pumpkin seed gremolta

White Lasagna - with Jumbo Prawn, lemon ricotta, & spiced tomato broth

Lemon Cream Spaghetti with Shrimp

|| MAIN ||

Rack of Lamb - Pistachio crusted, carrot puree & braised lentils

Fried Brussels Sprouts - with Pancetta gastrique, pomegranate & parmesan  

Creamy Polenta - Spicy sausage, chili oil & parmesan

After we ate we were STUFFED, so we decided to take a breather and asked our waiter if we could have a little photo op with our new friend...the pepper mill! If Giada had a gift shop and sold those, I would ship one home, no joke! 

After we caused all kinds of commotion in the restaurant getting other tables wanting to take photos with the pepper mill, we settled down and decided it was time for dessert and a few after dinner cocktails! I decided on a Carajillo (which is my new fav!) and for dessert we all shared the Chocolate Tart which consisted of peanut butter chocolate ganache and blackberry & raspberry creme anglaise.  So decadent and so delicious!

After we finished the most fun and satisfying meal I've had in a really long time, on our way out we decided to "tour" the restaurant a bit! I love how open everything is and I believe that's the aesthetic Giada was going for when designing this gorgeous spot!

I am in love and will continue this love affair with Giada Las Vegas. I can't wait to go back and try brunch or Lunch! Maybe next time I'll get to meet Giada, never know! #wishfulthinking

To Giada: Thank you for a WONDERFUL experience and a SPECTACULAR dining adventure! You've truly outdone yourself! This is something I will never forget! Thank you.

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