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Kim's Fab Gift Guide - All Things For The Home Chef

Kim's Fab Gift Guide - All Things For The Home Chef

My favorite subject!! If you know me, you know I LOOOVE to cook and bake! It's honestly therapeutic to me! I have all the kitchen gadgets you can think of and I legitimately use them all! I find complete peace and joy when I walk into Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table...THOSE are my happy places. Now, if only we can get an Eataly in Fresno, then I'd be alllll set! #inmydreams

For my next gift guide, I've decided to pick out a few fabulous and well needed things that every home chef needs in their kitchen! These would ALL make perfect gifts this season!

KitchenAid Metallic Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer - Um hello, if you know me by now, you know how OBSESSED I am with copper! Look at this BEAUTY!!! Wouldn't this just be absolutely stunning in your kitchen!?! Ugh, I just can't even take it!

Le Creuset Heritage Bakeware Set - Now, don't get me wrong, I still love me a gorgeous red number...like this one! You can't go wrong gifting ANYTHING Le Creuset, so to receive an entire Le Creuset bakeware set in the color of your choice (7 options people!) would be so special! 

Le Creuset Revolution Utensil Set - Continuing on the Le Creuset train...they have the BEST cooking utensils!! Honestly... If you know someone who loves to cook or bake and is looking for a new set, get them these!! Or...maybe just ask Santa for a set for Christmas! 

Spice World Oven Mitt from Crate & Barrel - SPICE UP YOUR WORLD!! I couldn't hold it in! How ADORABLE is this oven mitt and pot holder?! I think they are perfect to keep out all year long and just so cute and clever!! In love!

French Kitchen Marble Pepper Mill from Crate & Barrel - This marble salt and pepper duo are so incredibly chic and will most definitely impress your guests!! I like to have salt and pepper shakers that are nice for me to use AND for my guests to use, no need to invest in 50 different shakers! 

Shun Fuji 6" Chef's Knife with Stand - These knives are heaven. They are a bit pricey, but all you need is one. I have one and I LOVE it!! I treated myself to one years ago and it was the best decision I made!! They are so sharp, so precise and if you love cooking, let me tell you, get a Shun knife! If will change your cutting game, MAJOR!

Copper Measuring Cups, Set of Four from Crate & Barrel - These measuring cups and spoons are SO cute!!! All I gotta say is why not measure in style!? Am I right!?

All-Clad Hard-Anodized Two-Burner Combo Grill/Griddle - Doesn't this two-burner combo just sound amazing!?! You can grill your burgers on one side, fry some bacon on the other, heck you can even make an egg for that burger too! Is this a sign telling me I need a burger in my life?! There are just endless opportunities waiting for your with this bad boy!

Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Knife Holder from Crate & Barrel - You guys, a cutting board that has a KNIFE HOLDER?!?! Yes please!! I  mean, what more is there really to say!? I love when there are simple, small little helpful ways to move things moving along in the kitchen, and this most definitely would help me!

Don't forget today is "Cyber Monday" and there are some great deals out there! So make sure to revisit my past gift guides and hit those sales people!! Happy shopping!!

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