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Fab Finds: Resolve® Carpet Cleaners and Stain Removers

Fab Finds: Resolve® Carpet Cleaners and Stain Removers

Ok, you may be thinking, "This is SO random! Why is she writing about a carpet cleaner?!" Well, we're gonna take a quick break from all the sparkles and delicious recipes and get real for a sec... this is something you all need to know about! Since I got my dogs just about 3 1/2 years ago, my carpets have never been the same... can some of you relate!? As most of you know, when you get a puppy, it's not always easy breezy, and when you're potty training, they don't always know what POTTY OUTSIDE means. So over the years, my carpets have taken a pretty big hit! I've tried product after product, scrubbed and scrubbed, spent money on big bulky pet steam cleaners and nothing has worked quite like what I have experienced recently with products from Resolve®.

Last week I was at Target browsing the pet stain product area, and I stumbled upon this beauty. I decided, hey why not give this a try, I've tried EVERYTHING else! So I got home and immediately put this bad boy to use! I honestly could NOT believe what was happening. There were stains in my carpet that I thought would never come out and were a lost cause, and yet they disappeared right before my eyes! 

Take a look for yourself!

Like I said, MAGIC. The above stain had been in my my house for about three years and it was embedded deep! I thought for SURE this was never coming out....I was wrong my friends!

Since I first bought the Carpet Clean Gadget, the first foam can was gone within the hour and I have since bought four more cans for refills! I plan on doing my whole house!! The way I see it is use this tool on the tough stains around the house, and most DEFINITELY forego spending all that money on steam cleaning my carpets, ew, no thank you! I hope to one day put hardwood floors in my house, so until then this is my new best friend! OOh...and I AM dying to try their Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder

They have SO many different products in their line, not just for pet stains! So if you're the one hosting all those holiday parties this season, I HIGHLY recommend stocking up! YOU WILL THANK ME!

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