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Fab Finds: Tried and True Holiday Party Recipes

Every year I throw a cocktail party called "Martinis & Mistletoe" and over the past couple years I've tried some fabulous recipes that have been such a hit for my guests! With my party coming up in exactly one week from today, I thought I'd share with you some of my FAVORITE recipes that I've made time and time again that are tried and true and definitely crowd pleasers!

....and this is just the sweets table!

Ok, these are exactly what they sound like...amazing! When I first found this recipe, I was so excited! After I served them at my party for the first time and got the reaction of my guests, I knew these had to be a repeat offender, and that they were! These are the perfect treat to whip out in the middle of your party and surprise your guests, they'll never expect it!

This drink is so yummy and one of my favorite drinks to prep ahead and serve in a giant drink dispenser at my party! It looks pretty, it tastes oh so good, and it can be QUITE dangerous... (if you know what I mean!) 

Have you ever made homemade toffee?! It's SO easy and probably one of my holiday weaknesses! I always have to have a tub of this good stuff at my party on the sweets table (shown above) for all my guests to indulge in, if they don't, I know I'll probably be sitting in the corner eating the entire thing! Like I said...weakness.

Photo: Gratineé

These nuts are the perfect combination of sweet and salty which are also perfectly addicting! I remember last year I made them a few days in advance and could not stop munching on them before my party! This year I will most definitely take note and wait a few days later to make them because I could probably eat them all!

The best Rice Krispie there ever was. No joke. I can't tell you how many times I've made these babies! Each year for my party I love to dip them in red and green chocolate and sprinkle them with festive Christmas sprinkles! You could even cut them into cute little shapes, anything you want! I mean, the opportunities are endless here!

Three ingredients folks: Frozen meatballs, grape jelly and BBQ sauce. How can you say no to one of the easiest and most delicious party appetizers out there?! This is the perfect appetizer to set up ahead up time! When the time is right, turn it on and you're ready to rock and roll! I honestly can't get enough of these! They're SOOOO good!! 

I LOVE this punch!! It's absolutely gorgeous and so good! My favorite thing to do is freeze whole cranberries, then drop some cranberries into an ice tray and freeze them overnight. Throw both the loose cranberries and the cranberry ice cubes into the punch and it looks so festive and fun! I'm pretty sure EVERYONE will want to be sipping on that punch all night!

What holiday party is complete without those gorgeous giant chocolate-dipped marshmallows!?!? I mean they are SO festive, and you can do so much with them!! Just like the Rice Krispies, you can dip them in any kind of sprinkles, toppings, you name it! They are most definitely an eye catcher! Also, you can throw one in a cup of hot cocoa and let it melt, doesn't that sound delightful!?

These cookies are my secret weapon my friends. If you've eaten my cookies then you know. I use this recipe for my base cookie and from there, I go to TOWN!! For my party, I try to make it festive, and each year is different! Just remember, the cookie base is VERY important...once you have that down, the mix-ins are the fun part!

Photo: Ask Anna

What's a "Martinis and Mistletoe" party without that signature martini!? I've been using this martini recipe for the past couple years and it's been a hit! It's easy to make, it's delicious and I've received so many compliments on this drink! Must mean it's a keeper!

Ok...let the countdown to the chaos begin!! I'm so excited for my party this year and I can't wait to share every detail with you!! Stay tuned!!

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Fab Finds: Resolve® Carpet Cleaners and Stain Removers

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