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Let's Talk Subscriptions

Let's Talk Subscriptions

I'll admit it, I'm a subscription junkie! I've subscribed to a variety of boxes ranging from fashion to beauty and most importantly, food!  I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed today and came across another box that I was THIS close to subscribing to... I had to have a little chat with myself and tell myself NOT RIGHT NOW, YOU HAVE TOO MANY!  I'm addicted. I've decided to give you guys a little sneak peek into some of my "Fab Finds" I've found while subscribing my life away! 

Birchbox: Member Since June 2013

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Why It's Fabulous!

I always get so excited when my shipping notification email pops up for my newest Birchbox! After obsessively checking the tracking, and finally see that it's been delivered, I can't WAIT to get home and open that infamous box.  Once I get home, it's go time.  Every month they send such a gorgeously designed box filled with products picked out and catered to my beauty profile.  I always look forward to a good lipstick or a face mask and of course something new that surprises me.  I'd say that 90% of the time the brands that appear in the box are new to me, so this gives me a chance to explore a whole new chain of products within each of those brands.  Birchbox makes it easy to shop for these products and keep track of all of your favorite products right on their website by creating a personal profile.  Check out my Birchbox Fab Finds above!

Fab Finds: Graze

Kim's Fab Finds: Launch Day!