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Fab Finds: Le Tote

Fab Finds: Le Tote

Le Tote: Member since 2015

Get 3 garments and 2 accessories delivered to your door β€” unlimited times each month. Wear everything. Send it back. Receive your next set of options days later! Only $59/month.
— Le Tote

Why It's Fabulous!

I love Le Tote because they don't MAKE you buy anything! First of all, I get sent a text and/or an email (whichever is your preference) letting me know my tote is ready to customize.  If I don't like the options their stylists have picked out for me, they allow me to swap out pieces that I might like better.  Have you ever seen Parks & Rec? If you have, you probably remember Tom Haverford's "Rent-A-Swag," well this reminds me of that, but just for women!  For a monthly rate, they offer up-to-date designer brands that will most definitely keep your wardrobe fresh! #superfancy If you don't end up liking anything, even THOUGH you picked it out, you just pack it right back up in their pre-paid USPS bag and send it off! Once they receive the shipping notification on their end, the whole process starts again! You get to do this as many times as you want during the month, that's the beauty! There's been months where I've received at LEAST 4-5 boxes, not kidding. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you don't, but the deliveries don't stop regardless.  If there's something in your box that you absolutely love, you simply keep if for yourself, and send back everything else and they'll automatically deduct the (pre-discounted) payment from your account! Super easy, super fun and obviously amazing and Fabulous!

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