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Fab Finds: Pokiland


There's a new place that just opened up in my neighborhood not too long ago called "Pokiland" which specializes in sushi bowls.  Well, they have a lot more than sushi bowls there...sushi burritos aka "Pokirritos" and my favorite, nachos. *drooling*  Now, you might be thinking, ew, sushi nachos!?!  Well, these aren't you're regular old nachos with melted cheese and some random sushi thrown on top... These are so much more.

This is how you would order my Poki nachos:


Small-2 Scoops, Medium-3 Scoops, Large-5 Scoops (Choose what size you'd like based on how many scoops of "protein" or fish/tofu you'd like)

I'll have a large.


Brown Rice or White Rice

 Add brown rice.


Pokirrito, Salad, Nachos, or Bowl

Nachos please.


Crab, Onion, Cucumber, Avocado, Seaweed (You can choose any or all of these starters if you'd like)

I'll have all the starters!


Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, Scallops, Spicy Tuna, Yellowtail, Smoked Squid, and Tofu (Remember, all the fish is raw, just like sushi.) This is where the size you chose in the beginning comes into play. 

one Salmon, one Shrimp, one Spicy Tuna, one Yellowtail, and one Smoked Squid = Five Proteins

(You can double, triple, do whatever with any of the proteins if you want too!)


Spicy Mayo, Garlic Miso, Citrus Ponzu, and Da Bomb Sauce (hot)

Spicy Mayo, Garlic Miso and Citrus Ponzu - I get wild!


Masago (orange fish eggs), Ginger, Wasabi, Green Onions and Sesame Seeds

Everything but wasabi!

That's how you order! It's really simple and actually kind of fun! Everyone there is SO incredibly nice and cheerful which makes the experience that much more worth it!

For dessert, don't forget to try their homemade Mochi Balls, delicious!!! Below is Mango, but they have strawberry (my personal favorite), vanilla, chocolate and green tea too! Such a refreshing treat!

Oh, and the best part about Pokiland...they have punch cards. That is all.




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