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Fab Finds: VNYL

Fab Finds: VNYL

VYNL: Member Since April 2016

We still believe there’s a little bit of magic in physical music. Go ahead, play music loudly. And with friends. WE ARE VNYL, WITHOUT THE “I”

Are you someone who totally digs real life vinyl records?!!? I am! Last year for my birthday, I got a record player which had been something I had wanted for a long time!  Since then, I have slowly been collecting records...and then, I discovered VNYL!!

If you're a music junkie like me, have a record player and love discovering new music, then you should definitely let the cool folks over at VNYL pick out some new jams for you to obsess over! 

This is How it Works:

1. Create your profile:

Give them all the deets on all of your favorite beats (heh) or artists and even connect them to your Spotify, Soundcloud, and Instagram accounts.  This allows them to get a more personal look at your musical taste.

2. Choose a #vibe every month:

This basically sets the mood for the curator and lets then know what vibe you're feeling that month! Some examples may be...


3. Get Ready...

This is when you have to patiently wait for their team of curators to study your music choices and hand-pick 3 albums for you based off of what information you'e provided...so make sure you're thorough! 

4. Collect! 

Sound cool so far?!?!  Ok, how much does it cost, right?  Let's review... you get 3 BRAND NEW records tailored specifically to your musical taste for.... $39/month PLUS free shipping...THAT. IS. A. STEAL. Do you know how much a record costs normally?!?!  They can start anywhere from $20 and up, so think about it, you get THREE, PLUS FREE SHIPPING!  Ok, I'll take it down a notch! I just think this is so cool and such a great deal!!

Here's a look at my first shipment!

With each shipment comes a hand-written note sent by your curator describing why they chose the records they chose.  For this shipment, my curator, Farin, explained to me that because I'm into Ray LaMontagne and City and Colour, I'd really enjoy the M. Ward record.  Little touches like this make a big difference and really show that they're putting effort into what they're sending. #browniepoints

Take a listen!

I hope this sparked something in you to dust off that old record player you may have hiding in the garage and get grooving to some new jams! #getphysical

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