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Fab Finds: Fabletics

Fab Finds: Fabletics

At Fabletics, we create clothing that inspires you to stay active, whether that means competing in an iron(wo)man competition, sweating in the studio, or chasing after your kids. Our on-trend designs are high in quality at prices you’ll feel good about. This is where the inspiration starts. Beyond the clothing, we foster a community of people who embrace our mantra – “Live Your Passion” – every day.
— Fabletics

Why It's Fabulous!

Fabletics has FABulous right in the name! If there's one company I loyally support monthly, this is it! I can't tell you how obsessed I am with all everything Fabletics! I truly am their #1 fan!  Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics and you can really see how passionately she cares about this company and that she truly believes in what she's putting out into the world.  

I can honestly say that I ONLY wear Fabletics pants to work out in...SCOUTS HONOR! (I was in Brownies, does that count!?)  Believe it or not, it's a choice for me!  I've fallen in love with their pants, tops, and accessories, as well as their stellar customer service and of course their unbeatable styles.  Let me tell you a little bit about these pants I speak of...The material is SO soft that it makes me wonder every time I put them on where they get this magical material from!  They're that good!  These pants sculpt to your body, they stay put while running and most importantly ladies...they suck you in! (which is KEY!) haha I wear them while I work out, obviously, but I LOVE wearing them while traveling!  They're so comfortable and they don't look sloppy! I also double my plain black ones in the winter as leggings along with some boots and I'm good to go!  

Let's be real...being a VIP member means you get awesome prices on all this amazing stuff, right!?  So if there's one thing I'm buying each month, it's a new pair of Fabletics workout pants, and of course I always manage to throw in a couple other fabulous things as well!  Why not make yourself feel good while working out?  There's no rule out there that says you can't look fabulous while working out, so go ahead, get it, love it, FLAUNT IT! 

(P.S. Above are all pieces I've purchased and absolutely love!!  They also carry a wide selection for men too!  So now you and your hunny can look fabulous together!)

Click HERE to get started!!

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*I just love Fabletics to so so much.*

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