Fab Finds: Music Mondays

How's it going? What'd you do this weekend?! 

Friday night was SO relaxing, didn't do a thing.  Took the pups for a walk, made dinner and caught up on some 30 Rock! 

Saturday morning I decided it was mani/pedi time, but wanted to get in a nice walk as well.  After my luxurious mani/pedi at Venus Nails & Spa,  I took the trail home and walked about 3.5 half miles...listening to THESE jams!  So so good! They got me SUPER pumped!  Honestly, there were times when I wanted to break out into dance while walking, but I didn't think anybody needed to see that.  Later on that evening, I had a wonderful time with some friends at the Gazebo Gardens soakin' up the nice weather and grubbin' on some delicious food! (More on that later this week!)

So, the big question is...who watched Game of Thrones!?!?! EEK!!!!! Ommmmggggg. (P.S. Mom, stop reading now. - She's on season 1 lol) The moment we've all been waiting for!! The fate of Jon Snow. If you haven't had a chance to watch it, GO WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY!!! 

 We had such beautiful weather here in the Valley (until random rain Sunday evening), and these songs SCREAM fabulous weather! Enjoy!

Happy Monday!