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Fab Finds: JustFab

Fab Finds: JustFab

JustFab: Member Since June 2013

At JustFab, our members come first. From design concept to finished product, we tailor the hottest of-the-moment looks to every style personality, giving our customers immediate access to the trends they love.
— JustFab

Why It's Fabulous!

I love JustFab because they offer a variety of fabulous shoes fit for every style! Whether you're looking for some sky-high heels to hit the town, some bedazzled flats for the summer, or some chic sneakers, they've got you covered!  Another great thing about JustFab is, there's no commitment!  You sign up, become a VIP member, and each month a stylist creates a new boutique for you filled with fabulous styles based off your personalized style profile.  If you don't feel like buying anything that month, you simply skip the month and you won't be charged!  However, since you've signed up to become a VIP member, you still get the VIP price on everything, so that's awesome!  Not only do they carry fabulous shoes, but JustFab's product line includes bags, jewelry and a full clothing line in regular and plus sizes that includes head-to-toe looks for every occasion! Oh, and not to mention, shipping is FREE!  So hop to it folks!

Below are some of my favorite purchases from over the years!

Let's be honest, who doesn't like shoes!?  I most certainly do.  If you asked me to count how many pairs of shoes I have, I'd probably be counting for days.  However, to my defense, I got it from my mama! lol No really, I literally got a lot of my shoes from my mom!  Since we both practically wear the same size, she's given me a lot of her shoes, so my collection has grown beautifully over the years.  Thankfully, she has great taste!  Take a peek at my Pinterest page where I have a board designated SOLEY (see what I did there) to shoes! 

Here's a little somethin' for you to get you started!  Happy Shopping!

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