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Fab Finds: Gazebo Gardens

Fab Finds: Gazebo Gardens

Rose Garden. Beer Garden. Same same. Since September of 2013, the infamous Gazebo Gardens have been hosting "The Gazebo Gardens' Food Truck Nights in Fresno" where they feature numerous local food trucks, live music and not to mention their epic beer garden.  

Last Saturday night, a couple of friends and myself decided to venture out to Gazebo Gardens and hit up some yummy grub and tasty brews! I hadn't been in awhile, so I was excited to check it out and try some new food, hear some live music and enjoy the gorgeous weather we were having!

Lauren, Myself & Mackie

There were plenty of options to choose from for dinner, so we decided to walk around, scope things out a bit, then make a decision. The best thing about events like this is, because we were all in the mood for something different, we were able to break off, get what we wanted and meet back to eat together! Here's the full list of trucks that participated: 

(click on the links below for more info!)

Butternut Baking
Dusty Buns
El Premio Mayor
Jay’s Speciality Ice Cream
LoCAvoria559: Flat Bottom Grills
Matties Wood-fired Pizza
Meltdown Bistro
PR Fusion
Sno Cafe
Flying Pig

Lauren chose El Premio Mayor, Mackie chose Flat Bottom Grills and I chose Meltdown Bistro.  

Of course, I chose the one with the longest line because the menu just looked SO ridiculous and appetizing to me, so I decided it MUST be worth the wait. The three menu items that stuck out to me the most were the Fresh Corned Beef Reuben, Fried Mac & Cheese Balls and duh, some good old fashioned Tater Tots.  I figured I'd get a few things so we could share them because sharing is caring.

Was it worth the wait? Indeed it was. The Sandwich hit the spot! It wasn't too greasy or buttery, it was just perfect. The mac and cheese balls were creamy on the inside with just enough heat from the jalapenos and a nice crispy crust on the outside.  They were served with a chipotle aioli that was incredibly addicting.  The tots, well, those were amazing as expected.  I'm so happy I decided to wait in line for 100% pure deliciousness.  Another food truck under my belt!

For dessert you might ask?!  We hit up Jay's Specialty Ice Cream truck for a sweet scoop to end the evening.  I got the "Hot Cocoa" which was chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and a whip cream swirl. Need I say more? Exactly. 

The entire evening was just perfect, from the weather, to the food, to roaming around the gardens smelling the roses and to just being around friends and enjoying a simple night out. If you've never been before, make sure to check it out! What's nice too, is that it's kid and pet friendly, so bring the whole family and make a night out of it!  It's definitely worth it.  This is such a hidden gem here in town and we should definitely take advantage of places like this.  Now mark your calendars and make sure to wear your stretchy pants!

P.S. You can buy plants while you're there as well! They also have a gift shop open the whole time that I'm dying to check out! 

Gazebo Gardens • 3204 N. Van Ness Blvd., Fresno
Food Trucks and Live Music Friday and Saturday 5-9 pm
Spring & Fall Thursdays 5-9 pm
(559) 222-7673 • www.gazebogardens1922.com
Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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