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Fab Finds: Gray Malin

Fab Finds: Gray Malin

I'm pretty sure most of you have seen this famous photo...

Photo: Gray Malin 

Well, Gray Malin is the fabulous photographer behind this beauty and I think his work is absolutely beautiful, so creative and beyond artistic.  He is such an accomplished photographer (especially being as young as he is), and as a photographer myself, I really respect his work and look up to him for inspiration.  

I follow Gray on Snapchat (@graymalin) and he's ALWAYS traveling to the most BEAUTIFUL places around the world and I'm just so fascinated by his photography style.  To learn more, click here

I hope to one day own a large print of his to hang in my home, but when I found out he was releasing a limited edition coffee table book featuring photos of all the beaches he's traveled to from around the world, I just knew I had to have it! It was the closest I was going to get to a print for the meantime.  He's famous for his colorful aerial shots, so the photos in the book are ABSOLUTELY stunning! Take a look inside! 

Aren't they just STUNNING!?! Browsing through this book really gave me the travel itch! Where to next...

I was lucky enough to order one of the 1000 copies Gray personally signed himself which makes this book even more special.  I'm very excited and proud display this book on my coffee table for everyone to see! 

Thank you Gray for sharing your talents with the world! 

Happy Birthday to One FABULOUS Mother!!

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