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Fab Finds: Comicboxer

Fab Finds: Comicboxer

Are you a person that's into comic books? Or possibly know someone who's into them?  Well I'm the latter of the two... I recently gifted a very cool, recently discovered 3-month subscription to "Comicboxer" and I gotta say, I was VERY impressed!

This box included FIVE brand new comic books that were cleanly wrapped in plastic and in pristine condition!  Also included was an additional comic book given for "free comic book day" which was a nice surprise!  To be extra thorough, the box came with a printout that explained each comic included in case you were unfamiliar with the selection. Pretty smart!

Here is a closer look at each comic book (click on the links for more info):

1. Empress

2.  Joyride - This was an autographed copy which also included a certificate of authenticity #score

6.  FREE ISSUE - Civil War II (Appropriate timing!)

I really think this is a wonderful gift idea for any kid or adult you may know that loves comic books! The mere fact that it comes with MULTIPLE comics is awesome!! Hopefully this inspired you to think a little outside the box for a gift idea!  

Fab Finds: Destination Chic Ipsy Glam Bag

Fab Finds: Destination Chic Ipsy Glam Bag

Happy Birthday to One FABULOUS Mother!!