Fab Finds: Fabulous Fashion to Stay Fresh at Fifty!

I was recently asked by a very close family friend, more like a second mother to me, if I could feature a post on fashion for women over 50!  I thought to myself...hmmm...well this COULD be challenging, but it could also be fun!  So I picked out pieces that I would most likely wear myself!  Let's take a look at what I came up with! 

|| Tops, Blouses & Jackets ||

|| Pants, Skirts & Dresses ||

|| Jewelry & Accessories ||

|| Shoes ||

How'd I do!? I think pretty good considering I ended up pinning half the stuff here onto my own style board!  I chose these pieces because first of all, they caught my eye, secondly they're on trend, and thirdly because I just think they're fabulous!  

Hopefully I've given you some inspiration so freshen up your look this season and be a little more adventurous with color! I'm normally a "go-to black top" kind of gal, but I think color is so important!  Not only does it brighten your outfit, but it most certainly brightens your mood! I promise!  I think little changes here and there make all the difference! So go ahead, give it a try!

 Happy Colors = Happy Thoughts!