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Fab Finds: My Everyday Bedazzlements

Fab Finds: My Everyday Bedazzlements

I used to be the kind of girl who wore no jewelry, who saw a pair of chandelier earrings and cringed (circa early 2000's).  Then I was the girl who wanted all things costume jewelry, the bigger, the cheaper, the better! Then post-college rolled around and I started venturing out into nicer, pricier jewels; still fun, but more experimental (i.e. colorful bib necklaces).  It was all very matchy matchy, lots to coordinate.  There's nothing wrong with that now, I still have plenty of those gems to wear from time to time, but I think as I've become busier over the years, I've started to notice a routine with myself as I reach for the same pieces every day....these I call my "everyday bedazzlements!"  

12 pieces total:

7 Bracelets

2 Rings (sometimes 3)

1 Watch

1 Set of Earrings

1 Necklace 

Not Pictured: Fitbit Alta and Lokai Bracelet 

It's become much easier every day to just put on the same pieces of jewelry that have meaning to me and maybe switch out my earrings or a bracelet.  It makes getting dressed up on the weekends much more fun! That's when I REALLY like to accessorize! 

I absolutely adore all of these pieces and they all mean so much to me.  Some have been gifts from people I love, and some have been gifts to myself from myself.  However I've received them, they still mean something to me, and I wear each of them with pride and joy.  I love when a stranger comments on them or when they're noticed, because to them it's something new and fresh, but to me, they've become a PART of me.  

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