Fab Finds: Welcome to the "Barkbox" Country Fair

Anybody else craving a funnel cake?  ....or maybe a corn dog? <--- I crack myself up! You'll get it, I promise...

Well the pups got a a TON of good stuff this month in their country fair themed Barkbox, and not only did they go crazy over these treats, but they went NUTS over these toys, especially that pie!  Those red berries come out and they have little mini squeakers in them!  I learned from this toy, that Khaleesi LOVES little small baby toys, such as those little berries.  After Bix played with them for a bit and got them out of his system, Khaleesi basically hid one under the dining room table, one under my bed and worked on the third one!  She is hilarious! Bixby would get so jealous, when really there's 100 other toys scattered around the house he could play with! lol Anyways, moral of the story, Khaleesi likes itty bitty squeaker toys. #dulynoted 

BIxby & Khaleesi's Paw of Approval!