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Fab Finds: Old Town Flea Market

Fab Finds: Old Town Flea Market

Have you ever been to the Old Town Clovis Flea Market?!?  You need to go.

This spectacularly creative event only happens twice a year and you don't wanna miss it! They usually put together a Winter weekend and a Spring weekend (both Saturday and Sunday).  This is a great opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts during the Winter weekend and we ALL know that once Spring hits, everybody wants to re-organize, refresh, and re-do, so the Spring weekend is a perfect time to get fun ideas for new projects to kick off the new season!

This wonderful event started back in 2013 with only 45 vendors and has grown TREMENDOUSLY over the years!  The Old Town Flea Market is an extension of The Foundry Collective (the most adorable shop in Clovis) and has showcased so many vendors in and around the valley that I've never even heard of! The first time I went, which was in their kick off year (Fall 2013), I was amazed.  My jaw dropped with how creative people were in my own back yard! The event is held at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds which is a perfect venue because there's opportunity to venture indoors AND outdoors! 

HarperGrayce (Pictured Above)

Now, you're probably wondering "How much does it cost?" $5!!! That's it!!  It's $5 per adult and kids 12 and under are FREE! Can't beat that! And if you really want to be adventurous and start a bit earlier, you can buy the "early bird" ticket for $10.  That gets you in the doors TWO HOURS earlier than everybody else! (This is what I always do-I don't wanna miss out on any of the good stuff!) 

I'm really excited to be ordering a custom copper piece from Like the Brightness! (Pictured Above)

I've attended this event all different ways: with friends, with the boyfriend, and alone, so any which way you choose to go is fun! I love being able to take my time and walk around and see what everyone has to offer. There's something...magical about seeing how creative people can be with their hands and with their minds.  I'm always so inspired after I leave the flea market.  I believe in supporting your local community, so why not do so by shopping local and buying super cute stuff! 

Here are a few of my tips to make your flea market experience smooth and successful:

  • Check the weather before you go! Depending on which time of year you attend, you might get some rain, or you might sunshine. I've had the opportunity of both instances. Don't let the weather change your mind, because rain or shine, the show much still go on!

  • Wear comfy shoes, obviously! You'll be walking around and probably not doing much sitting.  PLUS, most of the event is on grass, so let's be practical here!

  • Bring bags or baskets or wagons or WHATEVER you want with you! They do have a holding area if you happen to buy a ton of great stuff and don't want to hold it while you walk around, but for all the little things, you can just throw them in a bag! Most places provide bags, but you never know! I always bring big reusable bags that way i'm really only carrying one big bag versus a million little ones.

  • Bring Cash...if you want! Nowadays, most vendors take cards, so that makes it super easy, but I like to bring cash especially for smaller purchases and for the vendors who may not take cards.

This year was nothing short of amazing as expected! There were plenty of vendors in attendance that I've seen before and look forward to every year as well as lots of new vendors! I saw so many interesting, beautiful and creative things this year...like I said magical. 

These were a few of my stops along the way...

Basilwood Farm:

(P.S. They have a GORGEOUS website! Go check it out!):

-My Fab Finds-

Body Soap: Razzmatazz, Bliss    

Body Butter: Avoshea Body Butter - Unscented 

Facial Toner: Tea Tree Facial Toner

Lips: Pucker-Up Lip Scrub, Pucker-Up Lip Balm

I've been dying to try Basilwood Farm soaps and other products for awhile now, so I was very excited to explore their booth! The people there were so warm and friendly and extremely knowledgable! I can't wait to try all my fun new products! 

-My Fab Find-

I love Anchor & Soul! I bought a cute little "Home Sweet Home" sign from them during the Winter flea market, so I knew I wanted to go back and check out their new stuff! This particular sign spoke to me because it's from one of my favorite hymns... "How Great Thou Art" and I found the perfect home for it on my piano. Absolutely in love.

-My Fab Find-

I adore handmade jewelry, especially when it's customized.  I spotted this cute little booth with the glimmer of a gold bar necklace that caught my eye and it immediately drew me in. For some reason, I've been super into arrows recently, so when I saw this necklace I knew I needed to have it.  Then as I kept looking around, a thought of a custom necklace came to my mind...I'll be sure to share that with you when it's finished, but for now, I'll just let that be a mystery...

Lanna Coffee Co.:

-My Fab Find-

House Roast - 12 oz Bag Whole Bean

Have you ever used a French Press?  I use one EVERY morning. No joke.  When I went to visit my best friend in Seattle back in January, she got me hooked on them!  Ever since then, I've been using it non-stop.  You get a better understanding of the coffee...in all it's senses.  The smell and taste are elevated to a whole other level.  I grind my beans every morning as well, so when I passed by the Lanna booth, the first question I asked was "Do you have whole beans?" and they answered "Of course!" So I decided to A. Support a local business, and B. Try a fabulous new cup-o-joe!   

Vintage Inspired:

-My Fab Find-

Again with the arrows! I couldn't deny this adorable chalkboard! How could you!?

Finder's Keepers:

-My Fab Find-

This booth, in combination with Vintage Inspired, is one of my favorite joined booths at the flea market.  It's usually one of my first stops and I ALWAYS buy something! You can EASILY re-decorate your entire house with this one booth...very tempting. 

-My Fab Finds-

I love these soaps! I bought some at the Winter flea market and used them up so fast that I ended up buying more through her Etsy shop!  They leave your skin so soft and smelling super yummy! Also, she has a charcoal facial soap that I absolutely love...highly recommend it!  

Make sure to keep your eye out for the next Old Town Flea Market and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the upcoming details! 

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