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Fab Finds: Trelio Restaurant

Fab Finds: Trelio Restaurant

Last Friday night, I decided to recommend Trelio Restaurant to my family for my birthday dinner because it was somewhere none of had tried before, and I thought it'd be fun to try something new and boy did I pick a winner!  It was AMAZING!  I had heard about how good this place was, walked by it numerous times, but had never made it in, so this was the night!

We walked into this adorably quaint little restaurant that looked as if it were right out of a book!  I was in love!  Perfectly white, crisp  table clothes draped the tables while wine glasses glistened in the sunset.  This was the perfect setting for an intimate family dinner.  

|| THE WINE ||

The first question I asked our very friendly and extremely knowledgable server Kyle was if they had Rombaurer Chardonnay (duh), and unfortunately they did not.  However, he suggested a terrific alternative called "Prescription" by Lloyd Cellars.  The reason for this suggestion was 100% intentional.  The former head winemaker of Rombauer Vineyards, Rob Lloyd, created this buttery and tropical-fruited chardonnay that is nothing short of a party in your mouth.  This is the perfect wine for the summer, best of both worlds! Buttery AND crisp! So, thanks to Kyle I found a nothing summer sipper!

|| THE FOOD ||

Can we first talk about bread?  THEIR bread especially!?  Oh my.  Served warm and toasty, we devoured delicious seven-grain and tradition french breads which were accompanied by two different spreads, salted butter and freshly made formaggio.  You can't beat bread that's fresh out of the oven, FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN PEOPLE! Come on!! 

We then moved on to the appetizers...four to be exact!  I REALLY wanted to try them all, buuuuuut that just seemed a BIT excessive! haha

... Escargot ...

Brioche Croutons, Roasted Garlic & Parsley-Brown Butter

... Roasted Iberian Pork Belly ...

... Fried Mussels ...

... Braised Short Rib Egg Rolls ...

Stuffed with Gruyere, Juniper Fermented Red Cabbage and finished with Horseradish Sauce

How beautiful are these!??! Well they tasted just as good too!

Next up, our entrées! 

... Lamb Chops ...

(Mom's Dinner)

... Veal Meatloaf ...

(My Dinner)

... Cast Iron Charred Prime Dry Aged NEw York Strip Steak ...

(Randy's Dinner)

... Barramundi Fish ...

(Dad & Bro's Dinner)

Gorgeous.  Each dish is perfectly plated with such precision and with such vibrant colors popping off the dish ASKING you to dive right in, it was hard to put that fork down!

 I am so happy I was finally able to try this restaurant because I absolutely ADORE places like this, not to mention the raves I had heard all matched up to my experience!  The mere fact that it's right here where I live is even better!  I'd say the next time you're thinking about the perfect place to go for a date night, head over to Trelio's and tell Kyle our server I said hi!  (P.S. He gives free hugs!) 

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