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Don’t miss out on this exclusive box curated by Rachel Zoe and our team featuring over $300 of seasonal fashion and beauty finds for only $100!
— Box of Style | The Zoe Report

Why It's Fabulous!

Yes yes yes, I know, ANOTHER subscription, but guys, this is legit.  The items they select for the boxes are honestly high quality brands!  Let's start with the box itself...it's beautiful and definitely reusable, so you know we're off to a great start!  You open the box to six individually tissue wrapped "gifts," well at least that's what they felt like to me, like I was opening mini gifts!  Each one was an exciting surprise that kept getting better and better!  

What's Inside?

A Closer Look!

The day after receiving my box, I used everything, except the cover-up! (Saving that for an awesome pool party!)  First off, I was already an obsessed fan of everything OUAI, and the one product I didn't have was the wave spray, so I was super stoked to get this one!  I actually squealed when I unwrapped it! haha Normally, wave sprays don't work in my hair, but let me tell you, THIS ONE WORKS!! It's crazy.  Jen Atkin has created magical formulas in all her products that are simply unreal. #OUAIaddicted  SO, as I was getting ready for work, post shower, I wrapped up my wet hair in my dream turban, then lathered my face with the Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturizer.  After applying my makeup and getting dressed, I doused my hair in the wave spray, scrunched it, put on my LUV AJ gems, threw on my YHF sunnies and I was ready to go!  I actually couldn't believe how fast I got ready!  

Definitely a fan of EVERYTHING I received in this box and am looking forward to enjoying these products throughout the summer! 

If you're interested in signing up, click HERE to receive $10 off your first box!

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