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Fab Finds: Favorite Etsy Shops

Fab Finds: Favorite Etsy Shops

I think Etsy is SUCH a brilliant idea, don't you!?!?  A one stop shop to buy handmade treasures from literally AROUND THE WORLD, a place to support the artist who hasn't quite been able to break out yet, or the artist who has it together.  It's a home for everyone, and for me, I just like to buy pretty things people make! 

Pop Quiz!

When was Etsy Founded?! 


How many employees?


How many items for sale?

35 Million +

How many active sellers?

1.6 Million

How many active buyers?

25 Million

What's the annual gross merchandise sales in 2015?

2.3 Billion (BILLION PEOPLE!!!)

Where are the Etsy headquarters?

DUMBO Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY

I've now been a member of Etsy since March of 2010 and as I look back at my purchases, I've realized how much I've learned to use Etsy as a tool for event and party planning, home decorating, gifts and of course treats for myself!

Below are a few of my favorite Etsy shops that I've purchased from:

Patricius M - Case for every laptop and Macbook

I bought this gorgeous black leather laptop case for my Macbook Air and I LOVE it!!  I get so many compliments on it!  It's handmade in Poland and is beautiful quality!  If you're in the market for a new case, check out this shop!

Christmas Claude - Handmade Gifts for your pets! Many colors & designs!

I ordered custom stockings (at different times of course) for the puppies!  I just couldn't pass them up! The first picture with the red bow is the one I ordered for Bixby and the second one with the polka dots is the one I ordered for Khaleesi.  I love hanging these every Christmas because they really add such a nice touch to my fireplace! 

Shop Mimi Green - Personalized Dog Collars for the Super Cool Dog!

When I first got Bix, I noticed he kept chewing his dog tags, so I searched Etsy to see if there were any tagless dog collars, and BINGO! I found Mimi Green!  Take a WILD guess at what color you think I ordered...RED! Of course!  I ordered this collar back in 2014 and it's STILL in great condition today! 

Take a look at some of the shops I ADORE and some of my "Favorites" I have my eye on:

Fifty One and a Half - Handmade Stoneware Pieces for Your Home and Table

Isn't she a beauty!?!  Wanna know something cool!?  The owner of this shop is the mother of my favorite gal Gaby from What's Gaby Cooking! #smallworld 

Bijou Limon - Fun Chic Edgy and a Touch of Boho Everyday Jewelry

Ever since I went to Hawaii back in 2015, I became obsessed with shark teeth and when I came across this necklace, I died.  They are so fun!  I love the idea of adding a little pop of color to the traditional beige tooth, very clever!

Rolling Woods - Custom, Laser Engraved Rolling Pins! Amazing Patterns!

Liiiiiike, do I even need to say anything!?  First of all, I LIVE for travel eats, it's probably one of my favorite things ever!  The camera rolling pin, come on.  I obviously need to make camera imprinted cookies IMMEDIATELY! 

Inbal Mishan - Unique Handcrafted Gemstones $ Druzy Jewelry

These pieces are stunning!  I love that they are all imperfectly beautiful in their own ways.  I have favorited half her shop, so it was really hard for me to pick which ones I wanted to share.  Looking forward to one day making my first purchase!

So whether your Etsy shop tab is constantly open (like mine) or you're new to the game, I really hope I've inspired you to let yourself get lost while browsing.  It's truly mesmerizing what people can think of, create and share with the world.

If you've made any recent Etsy purchases or if you happen to own a shop, please share below, I'd love to check it out! 

Happy Father's Day!!

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