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Weekend Recap & Music Monday!

Weekend Recap & Music Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend staying cool, grillin' and chillin' while celebrating Father's Day with your loved ones! 

Over the weekend, we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday which included a super fun party bus and a fabulously fun dinner!  We had dinner at The Elbow Room and sat on the infamous patio and took advantage of the gorgeous evening here in the Valley.  We enjoyed appetizers, drinks and dinner while sharing laughs together!  We all had such a great time and it was really nice to have one of those nights to just relax and let loose! 

Dress: Fate Floral Maxi, Styled by Stitch Fix 

The shoes I wore were AMAZING and I didn't get a chance to snap any photos of them (except for on Snapchat-follow my adventures there, username: hyeper17), so I wanted to share them anyways!  Oh, and my bag was quite fabulous too! Both are from JustFab!

Sunday was Father's Day, as you well know, so as a family we all went to church.  After church, we celebrated by having lunch together at Ruth's Chris Steak House, my dad's favorite!  I ate way too much, ugh, but it was just so darn good!  For the first time, probably ever, I didn't order a steak!  I decided to order the stuffed chicken and it was UNREAL. #BestDecision 

Free-range, double-breasted chicken that's been oven roasted, stuffed with garlic herb cheese and topped with lemon butter.

For part of my dad's Father's Day gift, I got him a gorgeous personalized wine tool set from Designs The Limit on Etsy (duh) which included a corkscrew opener, foil cutter and bottle stopper.  Prior to this, he was still using the two-prong cork puller which gave me MAJOR anxiety.  On Mother's Day however, he went to open the wine and SPLAT!! Wine, everywhere.  So I told him it's time to retire that very, VERY old opener and move on to bigger and better things!  

It's always so nice spending time with my family, and I'm so fortunate to be able to live in the same town as them!

Ok, now we must talk...Game of Thrones.  Did you watch!!?!?  I probably stood up for at least half the episode because I had so much anxiety and couldn't sit still!  I'm just gonna say that after last night's episode, pretty sure Sansa can rule the seven kingdoms now!

Anyways, back to the weekly grind we go...

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday and a great week!  Press play and let these jams get your juices flowing!

Fab Finds: Morgans

Fab Finds: Morgans

Happy Father's Day!!