Fab Finds: Morgans

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DON’T RUN OUT. Quality basics delivered monthly. All our liquids and soap are made in the USA, vegan & non-gmo. We don’t use parabens, SLS, phthalates, triclosan, 1-4 dioxane or anything from formaldehyde.
— Morgans

Told you guys I would give it a try, so here it goes...

Why It's Fabulous!

As you can see, they provide EVERYTHING!!  The best part is they use high quality, all natural ingredients so you can feel good about what you're using!  Ok, so you're probably wondering what they smell like...right?  HEAVEN.  The only smell I can compare it to is if you've ever stayed in a luxury hotel and they have really nice soaps and shampoos and products, and you have no idea where they came from, but they smell SOOOOO good, that's what they smell like!  Does that even make sense?!   In my mind it does!  Honestly, every time I wash my hair, I close my eyes and pretend I'm in some fancy hotel somewhere exotic!  Or maybe I just really need a vacation... It's a sign people.

Ok, so we got the smell out of the way, but do they really work!?  YES!  The shampoo and conditioner leave your hair soft and smooth (and smelling good of course), the razor and shaving cream are awesome, and the bar soap lathers nicely and feels so silky.  The moisturizer gives you just enough moisture without making your skin feel oily, the deodorant is a nice change from everything I normally use and the toothpaste literally leaves my mouth feeling cleaner and fresher than ever!  I've only used the liquid soap as hand soap, but I'm pretty sure it can be used as body wash too!  I will say the only thing I haven't used is the toothbrush because I'm planning on making that my travel toothbrush, but I'm SURE it's just as good as the rest of the products!  Another cool thing about these products is they're unisex, so women can use them, men can use them, it's great for the whole house!

What I like about this particular subscription is that you can add or remove items as you need them, change the number of weeks until your next shipment up to 12 weeks out, so it's pretty much what you need as you need it!  I really love the simplicity of Morgans and what they stand for, but most importantly I love that they will most definitely be helping me keep my bathroom clutter down to a minimum! (...so she says!)  

Give it a go!  It's refreshing to have ONE line of products for EVERYTHING for a change! Just "DON'T RUN OUT!"