Fab Finds: Rebel Rebel Ipsy Glam Bag

Feeln' rebellious?!  'Tis the season!

What's Inside?

I can honestly say that I really liked all five of these products!  I used them all immediately!  The Peter Lamas hair treatment smells SO good it's unbelievable!!  It made my hair really soft and I felt like it was helping those wretched split ends of mine!  I'm obsessed with that eyeliner!  I normally wear black eyeliner on my top eyelid, but since I got that one, I've been rocking it on my top lid and it makes my eyelashes pop!  The Bombshell lipgloss is such a pretty color and perfect for the summer.  It feels so nice on the lips, silky smooth!  The Rodial cleanser is really cool because it can also be used as a mask as well!  I love dual-action products!  Lastly, that Urban Decay eye shadow gave me all kiiiiinds of feels!!! I LOOOOVE this shade!!  And yes, it does play mind tricks on you!  In real life when you have it on, sometimes it looks red, and sometimes it looks green, so cool!  #ChristmasShadow  Oh, and we can't forget about glam bag itself!!  Super fabulous! 

Can't wait to see what's next!  In the meantime, I have plenty of new products to play with!