Fab Finds: Facture Goods

Do you swoon when you see beautiful, handmade, household items!!?  Not only that, but items that are affordable too!?  Well I'm a swoonin' kind of gal and let me warn you because once you visit this website, there's no turning back!

Facture Goods was created by Aron Fischer who is a fourth generation woodworker, designer, tinkerer, call him what you may, he knows how to use his hands!  

One of the many reasons why I love this company...

It is important to me that my work be affordable and attainable to as many people as possible...that is why I keep my prices where they are. These objects mirror my love for the hand...and I want you to be able to have them in your home.
— Aron Fischer

As I was browsing Instagram (shocking, yes I know), I found this page and couldn't stop scrolling.  I realized I kept liking and liking and liking so I figured I should probably just go to the website and see everything in more detail.  That's when I really fell in love and basically pinned everything to my Pinterest page.  I just love how organic and natural everything looks.  You can really see the love Aron pours into each item.  

Three particular items stuck out to me as "starter" purchases, because I most definitely wanted to buy everything he had available!  The first was the Brass Coffee Scoop.  I thought since I scoop coffee beans every morning before I grind them, might as well scoop 'em with style!  The next was the French Press Coffee Paddle, which is AMAZING!!  Instead of dirtying a spoon every time I mix my hot water and coffee grounds, I now have a designated stirrer.  I just love it so much.  Lastly was this BEAUTIFUL Hanna Reeves Cotton Tea-Towel.  Red of course.

Side Note: Can we just note on how PERFECTLY my French Press and coffee bean jars match the Facture Goods I purchased! #onbrand

Aren't they just stunning!??!  Ugh, I need more.  I have my eye on these Brass & Wood Measuring Spoons, this Clay & Wood Honey Spoon and this Wood Egg Tray next!

Thank you Aron for sharing your talents.  Your gift is TRULY appreciated!