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Fab Finds:  Sushi, Turtle Power & Music Mondays

Fab Finds: Sushi, Turtle Power & Music Mondays

Happy Monday!!

I had a very calm, leisurely and fun weekend!  On Friday night, we decided to go OUT for sushi instead of ordering in, which was the best idea ever! Our favorite place in town is most definitely Roll One For Mi! It is soooo good!  Take a look at my GORGEOUS and delicious dinner...the Nemo and the Marshmallow Roll

Now I'm going to let you all in on my secret ordering cheat sheet that I LITERALLY have pulled up while on the phone placing my order...just don't judge the messiness! (The ones with the hearts next to them are clearly our favorites!)

On Saturday, we decided to take my brother Ara to lunch and to go see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Out of the Shadows and we had the best day!!  We started out with a quick trip to the Gibson Farm Market at Fresno State to snatch up some of that famous Fresno State Corn before it was gone!  People go CRAZY for this corn, I'm not kidding!  When it officially went on sale this year on May 27th, people lined up outside starting at 4am!! IT'S CORN PEOPLE!!!!!  It cracks me up, but I will admit, it is the best corn I've ever had!  

So after I bagged up 18 ears of corn (calm down, six were for my mama! lol), we headed over to The Mad Duck Craft Brewery for lunch!  We chowed down on burgers, tacos and tots, laughed and enjoyed each other's company! 

Ninja Turtles was SOOOO good!! I mean, I'm not sure I was supposed to like it that much, but I really did! I was laughing a lot and thought it was actually better than the first one!  Honestly, not lying, I'd probably go see it again! lol I'm a sucker for cheesy movies!  Oh and I've got to throw in my favorite, probably more serious quote from the movie that I just CAN'T seem to get out of my head:

Master Splinter: "People fear what they do not understand..."

I think this is so true in real life and on all levels, so I guess if there's one thing I took away from that movie, it's this quote...

I'm really diggin' this playlist this week, on repeat for sure!  I hope you all have a fantastic day and a wonderful week...I know I will because countdown to my birthday begins right NOW!! 5 days people!! 

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