Fab Finds: HelloFresh May Dinners

Hellllloooooo Fresh!! Omg, these meals were SOOOO delish!!

|| Tomato-Garlic Ragu ||

with Beef, Thyme and Zucchini

Yum!! This one made A LOT more than two servings and I had leftovers for at least two more meals! I was pleasantly surprised when I added what I'm going to call the "secret ingredient," SOY SAUCE into this delicious dish! Who would've thought?! It was so tasty and very filling!

|| Cheesy Meatball Subs ||

with Herby Marinara and Crispy Broccolini

Omgoodness.  I could eat this one every night!  I forgot how good a meatball sub was after eating this.  When I was a kid, I used to order the meatball sub from Subway, like, why?  I have no idea, but they were so good!  I can't tell you the last time I actually ate one, so this was a treat! (...and so much healthier, might I add!)  The smell of these homemade meatballs simmering in that homemade marinara sauce was so delightful and turned out delicious!

|| Pan-Seared Pork ||

with Onion Gravy, Broccolini and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

This dish was a party in my mouth!! There were SO many flavors going on and I think the key player in all of this was that fresh rosemary! If you're not using fresh rosemary while cooking, you should!  It really adds a whole new element to whatever you're cooking whether it's potatoes, chicken, pork, fish, anything! So yummy! If all else fails, lemon and rosemary, done and done!  

|| Jamie's Super Salmon Parcels ||

with Baby Potatoes and Homemade Basil Pesto

Can you believe prior to this I had never made homemade pesto!?  I think because it just sounds intimidating, but it's VERY easy!  You basically just throw everything in a food processor, taste along the way and salt to your preference! Done!  Instead of whipping out my gigantic food processor, I used my Cuisinart 3-Cup Mini Prep Plus Food Processor, which I LOVE!! I use it for everything!

Back to this dinner...This pesto was so good that I decided to mix the potatoes in them too, I couldn't get enough! 

I really do look forward my meals each month and I can't WAIT for my next round! 

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