Fab Finds: Flashback Friday-Travel Edition: Köln, Germany

We're taking it back to 2009, to Köln, Germany!  Why there you ask?  This is the home of the world's largest food trade-show called Anuga!  Last year, around 160,000 trade visitors from 192 countries attended the show, so that puts it into perspective, doesn't it?!  This place was HUGE!  You think one convention center is big, try 11!  Yes, the show stretched across 11 convention center size buildings, so we most definitely had our work cut out for us!

I traveled to this show for work and was ready to see what all the fuss was about! I must say, it was worth the trip!  

Our hotel was in the BEST location!  We were steps away from the very beautiful Cologne Cathedral which is absolutely breathtaking!   Oh, and did I mention there was also a Louis Vuitton right there too... #trouble

While in and out of the show, we were able to partake in a lot of delicious traditional German foods and consume many tasty "biers" all while enjoying the beautiful city!

(Ara is the name of my brother, so I thought this was pretty cool!)

At one point on the trip, we decided to randomly pick a place, and take a train ride there.  This was such a fun experience because we didn't know what to except which was all part of the excitement!   We picked "Koblenz, Germany" and I'm so happy we did.  It was a picturesque little town, with beautiful cultural monuments and historical buildings all around.  I was particularly fond of the narrow alleyways and the gorgeous riverfront to walk along.  I remember specifically that I bought a scarf from one of the little local stores in this town.  Must've really stood out to me! 

Our last day there, we made sure to get ALL our shopping in!  As usual I shopped way too much and ended up having to buy another piece of luggage to take home all my goodies...a lime green piece of luggage to be exact!

|| PROOF ||

All the colorful luggage was mine of course! lol

This trip was an extremely memorable trip for me and I am DYING to go back to another part of Germany to see what else it has to offer!