Fab Finds: Try The World - Sweden

I absolutely LOVED the Sweden box!!  So many fun goodies to try with zero time wasted before I dug right in!

|| What's Inside? ||

Let me tell you something about that coffee...it works!  I made a nice little iced coffee the other day and man oh man, I was WIRED!!!  Normally coffee wakes me up and gets me moving, but I swear, there was something different about this coffee!  The double chocolate crisps were so good!  I had to refrain from eating the whole box, because they were so interestingly delightful!  Oh boy and the Lingonberry preserves with some peanut butter and a banana all warm and gooey, so yummy for breakfast!  I have yet to try the mustard, but I have a feeling that will be happening VERY soon!  Sounds SO good!!  OMG and that Elderflower syrup, also on my to-do list!  Apparently in Sweden, this is mostly used as an addition to water, so in the booklet that came with the box, they recommended adding a little to some sparkling water.  Doesn't that sound so refreshing!?  Especially for a summer drink?  Yum, can't wait!  

You can buy any of these items right now without a subscription, so if you're feeling adventurous, head on over and flip through their foods by country.  It's always fun to discover and try new foods!