Fab Finds: Camp Barkbox

This Barkbox is SO darn cute I can't even deal!!  I just can't even handle these toys... They probably have to be some of my favorite toys they've sent since I started my subscription! A giant s'mores and a skillet of bacon and eggs!??! Come ON!!

P.S. How adorable is my Tiki tabletop firepiece!??! OBSESSED.

Not gonna lie, when I gave the pups the Mutt Mallow treats I was REALLY tempted to eat one because they smell SO good! No joke!  Like a scrumptious cookie!!

Look at my babies... This is literally what it looks like every morning when I give them their treats before I leave for work... vicious hounds I tell ya! haha I am completely obsessed with Barkbox and I know Bixby and Khaleesi look forward to their special box of toys and treats each month!  

*Post running around with s'mores toy in mouth lay*