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Fab Finds: Prepping for Outside Lands 2016

Fab Finds: Prepping for Outside Lands 2016

Outside Lands is literally four days away and I couldn't be more excited!!  Each year, the same group of us get together for this magical music festival and have the times of our lives.

I've seen everyone perform from Stevie Wonder to Kendrick Lamar.  Doesn't get more legit than that!  On top of that, some of my favorite performances have been Of Monsters and Men, Fitz & the Tantrums, Bloc Party, Mustache Harbor, Animal Kingdom, Fun., City & Colour, Disclosure, The Kooks, Haim, Capital Cities, Macklemore, The Killers, Lindsey Stirling, Sam Smith, ELTON JOHN, Milky Chance, Ben Harper, James Bay, Ryn Weaver and Odesza.  Yup, all of them.

Take a quick stroll down memory lane of last year's OSL!

My Top 10 OSL tips:

  1. Wear Practical Shoes - you can still wear the cute festival outfit, but let me tell you, flip flops and sandals are just SO unpractical.  I prefer a nice sneaker!
  2. Bring a Sweater, Beanie and Scarf - No joke! You may forget that you're in San Francisco and not in Coachella so come nightfall it tends to get a BIT chilly!
  3. Pack Snacks - Goldfish, pretzels, trail mix, you get the idea.  This is good for when you're stuck in the middle of a crowd and it's too hard to get to any food stops right at that moment.  Hunger sets in quite often over these three days!
  4. Bring a Backpack - We usually pack 2 backpacks for our group and tradeoff during the day.  We fill these bad boys up with EVERYTHING!
  5. Reserve a Locker - We finally got smart and realized this is the way to go!  This way, if you DON'T want to carry around your backpack, you can stuff it in the locker and grab stuff anytime you want.
  6. Bring a Blanket - There's a ton of down time, so having a blanket is a must for grabbing spots while waiting for bands to go on.
  7. External Phone Charger - If you're like me, I'm sure you'll be on social media a LOT throughout the festival and that battery will drain FAST! It's nice to have one on hand... otherwise #FOMO!
  8. Discuss Your Band Schedule Ahead of Time - This allows your group to all be on the same page and ready to roll!
  9. Don't Be Afraid to Try New Foods - If you see something unusual on the menu at any place, order it! It's most likely amazing.  Last year, I had a donut cheeseburger, wtf!?
  10. Bring a Camera - I love documenting everything, so I bring my point and shoot.  It's small enough to carry around and perfect for capturing the exciting weekend!

lastly.... HYDRATE!! Choose your liquid either way, but make sure water gets in there at some point, believe me, you'll need it!

Besides all the amazing music playing throughout the festival, OSL has some AMAZING food to explore as well!  As mentioned above, last year I tried the donut cheeseburger from Straw and it was CRAZY!!  Also, the Lobster Roll from Woodhouse Fish Co. is completely unreal.  Be prepared to drop some dough on some food and drinks, because it's definitely not cheap.  However, that's when the snacks come in handy! 

Take a peek at the food and drinks I'm most excited about trying this year!


|| Curry Up Now ||

Chicken Tikka Masala Sexy Fries - Criss-cut sweet potato fries topped with cheese and chicken tikka masala

|| The Farmer's Wife ||

Heritage Pork Chorizo, Tomato, Avocado & Chipotle Sauerkraut Melt - Award winning & pasture raised - house made heritage pork chorizo sausage, tomato, avocado, chipotle sauerkraut & cheese on organic sourdough

|| Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen ||

Pork Arepa - Grilled sweet yellow corn pocket stuffed with black beans, avocado and slow braised pulled pork pernil

|| Koja Kitchen ||

Kamikaze Fries - Criss-cut waffle fries, minced Korean BBQ beef, kimchi, Japanese mayo, red sauce, green onions

|| Seoul on Wheels ||

Korrito - Korean BBQ burrito with choice of bulgogi beef, spicy pork, chicken, tofu, flour tortilla, kimchi fried rice, sour cream, cheese and cilantro

|| Itani Ramen ||

Shoyu Butter Chicken Ramen - Shoyu butter chicken broth, ground chicken, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, spinach, corn, green onion, fennel oil, ramen noodles

|| The Up & Under Pub and Grill ||

The Junk - Waffle fries topped with chili, cheese sauce, chipotle aioli, BBQ sauce, ranch, Sriracha topped with spicy peppers 


|| Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream ||

Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream - A mix of Blue Bottle coffee, chicory root, and sweetened condensed milk

|| FK Frozen Custard Bars ||

Customized Frozen Custard Bars - All natural and locally crafted frozen custard bars with one chocolate dipping choice and rolled in one dry topping choice

|| Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos ||

Frozen S'more Taco - House made and roasted marshmallow set in a freshly baked graham/waffle taco shell, dipped in choice of chocolate sauce, and flash frozen

- Something Refreshing -

|| Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen ||

Coconut Lemonade

- Brews -

|| 21st Amendment Brewery ||

|| Ace Cider ||

|| Lost Coast Brewery ||

|| Pine Street Brewery ||

|| Speakeasy Ales & Lagers ||

- Cocktails -

|| Cocktail Magic ||

Top quality cocktails, WTF illusions, lively beats, tasty bites and a crowd ready to get down. You could spend all your free time tracking down the best bartenders in the game but, instead, get β€˜em all wrapped up in one gloriously badass party - Cocktail Magic.

- Comedy -

Clearly I have A LOT to look forward to!  Music, Food, Drinks ANNNNND COMEDY!! Overy the years, I've seen comedians such as Neil Patrick Harris, David Koechner, The Cast of Silicon Valley, Upright Citizen's Brigrade and Pete Holmes.  Amazing!!  This year I'm looking forward to seeing Fred Armisen, Natasha Leggero, Dan Harmon (Creator of Community) and many others!

The best part about OSL is there's something for EVERYONE!!  So once again, let the countdown continue... 4 days until musical foodie bliss!

Take a peek back at Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 of OSL Music Mondays! I've been listening to these playlists on REPEAT!!

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