Fab Finds: Just Desserts

Always handcrafted and baked from scratch!
— Just Desserts

Have you tried Just Desserts!?!?  You've probably seen them in your local supermarket and didn't even realize it!  They have so many products that range from beautiful whole cakes to delicious bite size treats.  Also, they they just introduced their first line of premium organic products which are SOOOO good!! 

{ Brownie Bites }

I'm sure you've all tried a brownie bite at some point in your life, but you have not lived until you've tried these brownie bites!! I'm not kidding when I tell you that these are THE best brownie bites I have ever had in my life.  They are unbelievably moist, so velvety and you can genuinely taste the quality products they use including Ghirardelli chocolate, sooooo enough said right there!  I could easily pop them in my mouth one right after another!  

{ Coffee Cake Bites }

Next we have their Coffee Cake Bites which are also another delicious one.  They are the perfect pair to that morning cup of coffee and they don't make you feel guilty after eating them!

{ Blueberry Coffee Cake Bites }

The last one I tried is one of their newer ones, the Blueberry Coffee Cake Bites! YUM!  The blueberry flavor really pops and is so delightful!  The sugary crumb top is perfection.

Don't they all look homemade!?  Well they taste homemade and I love them!  Take a look HERE to find out if they're in your local supermarket!

Come back tomorrow to find a yummy Dulce de Leche Brownie Trifle recipe using Just Desserts Brownie Bites!  HEAVEN.