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Fab Finds: Outside Lands - Day 2 Recap

Fab Finds: Outside Lands - Day 2 Recap

On Saturday morning, we went to this really cool place downtown for brunch call the "Pink Elephant Alibi" with our Cal Poly crew...minus a few!  This place did not take reservations, so we had to get there RIGHT when they opened at 10:30am to ensure we'd get a table.  We thought WE had a big group, well we were outnumbered by the group of 20 ahead of us!! Like at that point, just go to someone's house and have brunch there...that's practically a small wedding! 

Now, you're probably wondering why we chose this specific place...well I'm about to blow your mind.  I'm sure you've had a mimosa or two in your life or at least tried one at some point in your life, well this place takes mimosas to a whole other level.  First of all, they're bottomless, so there's that.  Secondly, there are 21 fresh juices to choose from to mix with your champagne, yes you read that correctly!  TWENTY-ONE JUICES TO CHOOSE FROM!!  I meeeeean.....

 -T W E N T Y - O N E-

So how it works is you pay a $22.oo flat rate for the bottomless mimosas and you get a 2 hour limit for your table.  Then, you walk on over to that colorful counter and start concocting your mimosa!  You can literally create whatever flavor your want!  I was particularly fond of the coconut, so I ended up making one that was a coconut/watermelon and it was DEEEEELISH!!  

Now, on to the food... it was AMAZING!!!  They're turnover was unreal!  The fastest, freshest, fanciest food I've ever seen come out of a kitchen!  They definitely know what they're doing over at the PEA...hahaha (just made that up!  I wonder if that's what the employees call it...I'd totally call it that if I worked there!)  I ordered the biscuits & gravy as well as some chips and guacamole for the table.  We also had some white truffle fries for the table that were stupidly addicting!

After we ate, we got to hang out, relax and catch up with each other!  ....the clock was ticking, literally.

Our two hours were up and it was time to head over to the festival!  Before gearing up for a massive dance party at the Years & Years show, we decided to walk around and take a look at some of the vendors.  My eyes were IMMEDIATELY drawn to The 2 Bandits booth where I purchased this GORGEOUS set!  I've been rockin' it every day since I got home, obsessed. 

Then, we decided on some Jenga!

After the tower fell, we headed over to the Land's End stage and parked our blankets down and got ready for our first cardio sesh of the day!  Years & Years put on SUCH a great show, so full of energy!  This was probably one of my favorite shows from the weekend, so carefree and fun!

After we caught our breath for a bit, we had some time to chill before Big Grams (Big Boi + Phantogram) came on!  First of all, you can't beat Big Boi, then you add in the angelic voice of Sarah Barthel from Phantogram and you've got something magical.  What a genius collaboration they've created!

Can you guess what time it is!??!  TIME TO EAT!!  You have to admit, we did good so far, that brunch tied us over for awhile!  We had seen a bunch of people devouring these fried chicken sandwiches, so we decided to get one and some curly fries for the group to share and ohhhhh man, another one of my top fav foods from the weekend!! Proposition Chicken knows what's UP!!!!

The food didn't last long enough for a picture...

This year, Outside Lands added this new area call "Cocktail Magic" where they had featured bars from around the City shakin' up their specialty drinks while a magician was on site performing his latest tricks for everyone to "Ooh and Aah" over!  Somehow, Matt got picked TWICE to help with the tricks, however watching HIM participate was pure magic.

(Representin' a local Central Valley brewery! - Tioga Sequoia)

A couple feet away was the "Gastro Magic" stage where music meets culinary magic!!  This is probably the best stage here because you get small intimate performances and if you're close enough, samples of the food their cookin' up!  

In this particular instance, Big Boi decided to play the stage while the guys from Animal Restaurant grilled up some shrimp on the Bar-B!  After singing some Outkast hits, Big Boi started singing "Kryptonite" and changed the words to "I'm on the shrimp tonight," HILARIOUS!!  Oh, and this is while they were passing out shrimp to the audience!! Seriously doesn't get much better than that! 

Front. Row. 

So.... the shrimp just sparked the hunger in us because next, we set out to find dinner!  I decided on the Bahn Mi sandwich from Freshroll Vietnamese Rolls & Bowls.  Split the pork and chicken sandwich and it was exactly what they said, fresh... probably the first vegetable I ate all weekend!  Yum, I wish I had one of those sandos in front of me right now.  

The chill REALLY kicked in while we were eating/listening to the beginning of the Radiohead set.  After we ate, Matt, Randy and I decided to head over to see Zedd at the Twin Peaks stage.  Wow, what a show, a laser show to be exact!!  So much fun!!  This would be cardio dance sesh number two of the day! ...workin' off that friiiiied chicken!

I couldn't have asked for a better way to end day two at Outside Lands... I mean, this Legend of Zelda Remix just sealed the deal! 

Total Steps: 24,728

Final recap tomorrow, so don't miss it!

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