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Fab Finds: Outside Lands - Day 3 Recap

Fab Finds: Outside Lands - Day 3 Recap

Here we are, the third and final day of Outside Lands and what an adventure it's been so far!  Thankfully, today we got to sleep in, like ACTUALLY sleep in!  I got 8 1/2 hours of sleep and I was not mad about it! #WeAreOld haha It was so nice to have a leisurely morning to get ready after the past two busy mornings.  Once we were all up and ready to boogie, we made our way down the street from Matt's to this amazing Russian bakery called "Cinderella Bakery & Cafe" which is authentic as it gets!!  The line was out the door, there were puppies everywhere and the weather was PERFECT!!  I was ready for a delicious cappuccino! (...with perfect foam, might I add!)  I remember we went there last year, and their ham and cheese croissant stuck in my brain, so I knew I needed to get one this year, and that I did!

We finally got ourselves to the park and it was go time!! Like I said, the sun was out and shining for the first time all weekend and we were all pumped up and excited for what was to come!

Sunglasses: Kate Spade | Lipstick: BH Cosmetics "Passionate" | Music Note Necklace: Kate Spade | Choker: American Eagle Outfitters | Lace-Up Top: American Eagle Outfitters

First up was Oh Wonder and they were such a joy to listen to!  Such pure, yet alluring tones being sung and a chemistry between the two of them that was simply undeniable!  There's a beautiful innocence you get from their music and I truly appreciate that.

And then magically....The Muppets were there. Liiiiike, WHAT!!??!?!  Yes, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem full on performed hits upon hits!!  It was so funny to see how packed this stage got in the middle of the day, it literally blew my mind!! THE MUPPETS!!!!!! LMAO!! Still dying!

We decided to walk over to the Sutro stage and check out some Jack Garratt for a bit before Randy and I made our BACK to the main stage for some THIRD EYE BLIND!!!  This band takes me back...all the way back!  They were one of my very first concerts I ever went to growing up and I owe that all to the Big Fresno Fair!!  Eve 6 opened for them and I got Eve 6's drumstick during that show, so I will forever remember my first Third Eye Blind experience! 

Our consensus of this show was that most of the crowd didn't have a clue who they were, mostly because they were too young, and kept looking at me while I was jumping around singing along like a crazy person!  I looked like a fool, but did I care?!  Nope, I was having a great time reliving some old memories! 

After Third Eye Blind it was officially time to feed them bellies, so we ventured over to the food area near the Twin Peaks stage since we hadn't really explored that area too much during the day.  We decided as a group to each pick what we wanted to eat, then meet back the Cocktail Magic area.  So onward we went.

I decided to attack another food item from my list, the "Korrito" from Seoul on Wheels, basically your choice of BBQ meat (I got bulgogi), kimchee fried rice, cheese, cilantro, sour cream all wrapped in a tortilla!  BOMB.  If you like spicy, you'll LOVE this!! I added Sriracha to mine and it was scrumptious!!

I may or may not have crossed another item off my list while waiting in line...what can I say it was a long line, I needed a snack!! I got "Pastrami Cheese Fries" from Wise Sons Jewish Deli and oh man, those were the perfect "snack" to tie me over for that 30 minute wait!!  

Food was finally received and halfway devoured while on our walk back to Cocktail Magic, and of course by this time, Matt was picked yet again for another magic trick!  Must be that infectious laugh of his...

I ordered myself the "Minty Ten" which was quite refreshing and the perfect way to cool my mouth down after that spicy, yet delicious "Korrito!"

After some cocktails and magic, we thought we would give a little more comedy a try.  We TRIED and the show we attempted was a flop, so we left.  We headed STRAIGHT for the Major Lazer show because who were we kidding??  This show was SO much fun, and of course, another ginormous dance party!!  

With a substantial cardio sesh complete, the show ended just in time for us to head over to the Gastro Magic stage for the Mustache Harbor/lobster roll collaboration!  You're probably wondering, "What the HECK did she just say!?!?"  Let me explain...

 Mustache Harbor in a nutshell:

Our mission, our destiny, is simple, to build a mustache army capable of creating a Soft Rock Explosion the likes of which has not been seen since the days when Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, Ace, Kenny Loggins and The Little River Band, to name but a few, created A.M. Gold. So Join us! party with us, live with us, work out at the dojo with us, sing with us, slap on a stash and drink from our bountiful coconuts filled with delicious grooves and tasty hooks.
— Mustache Harbor

Now what does a lobster roll have to do with this?  The guys from Woodhouse Fish Company came dressed in lobster costumes, dancing up a storm while serving up lobster rolls and Piña Coladas to the crowd!  Ummm can we say, BEST TIME EVER!??!?!  Yes we can because it most certainly was!!  To top off the whole show, somehow, our star Matt, was given the cowbell to ring during the last couple songs! WHAT!??!  Honestly, Matt is their #1 fan, so to watch him hit this cowbell made my day!

P.S. Best dang lobster roll EVER!!!

Finally time for the closing acts... Lana versus Lionel...who to choose?!  Well, I decided to do both!  I couldn't choose one or the other, so I made it work.  I caught the first half of Lana Del Rey and let me tell you, she is the most mystical creature I have ever seen.  Her presence is jaw-dropping and her aura is addicting.  You are instantly taken in by her spellbinding voice and forget where you are...

Finally, we headed back over to the main stage for the final show of our Outside Lands 2016 adventure, Lionel Richie!  We walked right up during "Brick House" and basically caught all the rest of his hits after that!  I was so happy because the one song I wanted to hear from him was "All Night Long" and he closed the evening with that song, so it ALLLLLL worked out!!

Total Steps: 21,817

Totals steps for all three days: 71,926


Which amounts to 31.91 miles... so basically, I'm awesome!

 I had SO much fun this year at Outside Lands and am already looking forward to next year!  I'm so happy and lucky to have all these memories to hold on to and look back on, and most importantly to have wonderful people to share them with!  Cheers to yet another great year of Music, Food, Magic and Fun!


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