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Fab Finds: World "Chompion" Barkbox

Have you been watching the Olympics this year!?!  I've been catching bits and pieces here and there, but my favorite events during the Summer Olympics are obviously gymnastics, swimming and my new favorite (even though it gives me complete anxiety), synchronized swimming!  

I was SO excited when I opened up my most recent Barkbox...."World Chompion" ...Get it?!  Appropriately themed, wouldn't you say?!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited the puppies were with everything they received in this box!  Not only did they go CRAZY for the treats (like roll around on the grass crazy), but they LOVED the toys too!

These have to be some of my favorite photos of my babies, just so happy and full of life!!

Now, enjoy the show because these two are pure entertainment!

I seriously can't get enough!  Bixby and Khaleesi are definitely MY little "Chompions" and they fill my heart with gold every day!

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