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Fab Finds: Ollie-Oop Mobile Dog Training

I've been wanting to let you all know about this amazing person for quite some time now.  His name is Oliver, and he has changed my dog's lives.  

Oliver just recently started his own dog training business in town called "Ollie-Oop Mobile Dog Training" and let me tell you, he is a dog whisperer.  I met him through my friend April who randomly stumbled upon the shop he works at near her house.  She was in need of a dog trainer and told me about how fantastic her first meeting was with him and I knew I instantly had to call him.  

I had been wanting to set up dog training for my two pups for quite some time, not because they're crazy dogs that I can't control, but because I wanted them to learn manners and be polite little puppies. Haha  I knew they could really benefit from a couple training sessions so I felt like this was my window of opportunity to just do it! #Nike

I called up Oliver and we chatted a little bit about the pups and their personalities and decided on a date and time for him to come out to my house and do an evaluation.  Here's how it goes:

First time Evaluation: FREE

This is the time where Oliver allows himself to get to know the dogs and see if he can actually work with them and to also see what the dogs' needs are.  He will also ask you what YOU want from the dogs, what your goals and expectations are.  This evaluation is completely what you make it.  My first time evaluation with Oliver lasted THREE HOURS (which completely flew by) because my two dogs have polar opposite personalities when it comes to meeting new people, so it took time.  Bixby thinks he owns the place and has to act super tough, whereas Khaleesi gets extremely timid and scared and starts shaking.  Well that was then my friends!  After three hours, and a LOT of treats, Oliver had Khaleesi eating treats out of the palm of his hand and Bixby jumping up towards him (for treats of course lol).  I honestly couldn't believe what was happening.  It was a miracle that anyone could get through to my sweet little Khaleesi.  We immediately decided to move forward with the training sessions and set our 6-week schedule.  

6-Weeks of Training

We started our training off with small lessons, Bixby learned "down" during his first lesson and we worked really hard with Khaleesi to sit.  I know that seems like such a simple thing for a dog to learn, but honestly, prior to Oliver, I never thought I'd get her to do ANYTHING!!  So when she finally sat on command for the first time, I died.  I literally was the proudest mommy, you would've thought my baby starting walking for the first time! 

This was literally night of training session #1. (Please excuse my annoying excited voice at the end!)

where are they now?

Throughout the six weeks, Bixby learned variations of "sit, down, stay" sequences along with "shake" and "High Five," but most importantly, we worked on calming him DOOOOWWWWNNNN when people would come over.  He barks less when I have guests over, he licks less, but he can't deny that he's just a love bug who wants to love harder!  (Believe me, when you tell him no licks, he wants to lick SOOOOO bad!!)

Khaleesi has made the BIGGEST improvement.  She went from running away scared and shaking in the corner, to curiously approaching visitors and letting them not only get near her, but PET her!!  Khaleesi also learned "sit, down, stay" as WELL as "roll over" ...this girl cracks me up!  This particular trick just happened by accident and we just kept rolling with it! Literally!  Now it's her go-to party trick and she does "all the way" rolls like nobody's business! 

(During the beginning stages of Kiki learning "Roll Over")

What's wonderful about these training sessions is that Oliver will work with you AND the dog during that one hour and then will assign you homework to work on during that week.  If you don't spend the necessary time needed to work with your dogs, then you won't get the results you desire.  I learned that it is SO important to spend that one-on-one time working with each dog for however long it may take.  Yes, it can be a bit frustrating because they're dogs and they can't speak to us, but they WILL understand you if you're patient enough.  Thankfully, my lack of patience took a backseat during this journey and now I am able to see a newer, more evolved side to both of my pups.

So Thankful!

There are honestly no words to describe how much Oliver has not only changed my little pups' lives, but my life too.  He is such a kind, warm-hearted and loving person with an infectious smile!  Not only did my puppies have a fantastic experience learning with Oliver, but I also gained a wonderful new friend.  

If you're in need of a dog trainer, PLEASE call Oliver, he is so so so wonderful!!  I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.  He's so good, I even got my momma using him for her sweetie, Ruby.   

Oh, and he's also a FANTASTIC artist as well!

Ollie-Oop Mobile Dog Trainer

Oliver Duenas

(559) 827-8168 

Instagram: @OllieOopMDT

Graduation Day!

Just thought I'd end on a little laugh here, typical walk with the pups!

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