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Fab Finds: Taste on Melrose

Fab Finds: Taste on Melrose

The other night, my dad and I had the most AMAZING dinner in L.A. at this super fun, trendy and chic little restaurant called "Taste on Melrose." 

We arrived 10 minutes before our reservation, so the very welcoming host escorted us through the beautiful house-like restaurant to the gorgeous bar where we ordered a cocktail until our table was ready for us.  We sat AT the bar, which was quite funny for me to see my dad, sitting at a bar, on a bar stool because if you knew him, you'd see why it was so funny!  

The very kind bartender asked us what we'd like to drink, and my dad responds with "Do you make a gin and tonic here?"  I died.  Yes dad, they can make you a gin and tonic, it's a bar.  He's so sweet.  So the bartender chuckles and politely responds with "Of course I can make that for you!" and my dad proceeds to say "Easy on the gin, I'm gonna have a glass of wine later!"  I just can't.  FINALLY, I got to order my drink, the Pomegranate Basil Sangria, and oh man was it perfection.  It hit the spot!  Fruity enough, tart enough and perfectly fresh!

Shortly after we received our drinks, our table was ready.  The host walked us through the gorgeous outdoor patio area and seated us in a cozy spot near a big open window where we felt the fresh air flowing in and out throughout the evening.  Also, right near us was a second, conveniently located bar!  The whole layout of this restaurant was so fun!  It's very deceiving from the front...you think it's going to be a small place and then you walk in and BAM, where'd all that come from!?!?  So fun!

First up, you know me, I love a good appetizer!  It was recommended that we try the Korean Sweet Potato Steak Frites.  I was a little concerned at first because "sweet potato fries" tend to be such a tired appetizer at so many restaurants.  Well, to my surprise, these were ACTUAL sweet potatoes, not yams, sweet potatoes!  Ya'll do know, when you order sweet potato fries and they're orange, those are yams, right?  They should technically be calling them "yam fries," but I guess that just doesn't sound appealing now does it!?  Anyways, these sweet potato fries were served with ketchup and a creamy spicy dip which complimented them just perfectly!

Korean Sweet Potato Steak Frites

Both dad and I decided to start with the Roasted Beet Salad which was oh so delicious!  This yummy salad consisted of organic baby spinach, shaved red onion, herbed goat cheese, toasted walnuts and the most wonderful shallot vinaigrette!  

...Still dreaming about that dressing.

Roasted Beet Salad - Organic baby spinach, shaved red onion, herbed goat cheese, toasted walnuts, shallot vinaigrette

My dad wanted a light main course, nothing too heavy, so he ordered the "Kobe" Beef Meatballs Pasta...real light dad.  I've got to say though, I tried those meatballs and they MELT in your mouth!! The flavor is so good!

"Kobe" Beef Meatballs Pasta - Wagyu american beef, golden raisins, pine nuts, caramelized onions, white truffle cheese fondue, pomodoro sauce, linguine, parmigiano, pecorino romano 

My eyes were drawn to two words on the menu...caramelized and truffle.  So I went with the Caramelized Cumin Spiced Pork Chop which was served with white truffle oil mac and cheese, sooooo that pretty much sealed the deal right there!  The fun part about the mac and cheese was, they used shells!  I think shells are such an underrated pasta, so it was super fun eat! #ItsTheLittleThings

Caramelized Cumin Spiced Pork Chop - Brined 10oz bone-in, white truffle oil & mushroom mac & cheese, sugar snap peas, mojo sauce 

We decided to splurge and have dessert, because, you only live once and when a dessert name has the word "opera" in it, it must make your taste buds sing!!  We ordered the Dark Chocolate Opera which was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!  There were so many delicious layers and textures to this dessert that it really did feel like my mouth was singing an opera!  It was probably one of the best desserts I've had in a REALLY long time!  What a beautiful note to end on!


Dark Chocolate Opera - Layered sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, bittersweet chocolate sauce, hazelnut crunch, bourbon gelato

I am so happy we decided to have a little "Taste on Melrose" because it was absolutely fantastic and somewhere I'd come back to again and again!  I don't get down to Los Angeles often, so I'm glad I've found yet another Fab Find!

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