Fab Finds: The Lazy Monkey and Her Ugly Puppy Home Designs

Now WHAT in the world am I talking about!??!  Well, my dear friend, (practically an older sister) Annette is a mastermind when it comes to home designs, renovations and pretty much anything you can think of!  She's constantly working on a project whether it's building a shed or a chicken coop and would rather have a new set of power tools than a whole lot of other "pretty" things!  Not to mention, she's a wonderful mother of two beautiful children and a wife to her awesome husband Nate!  How DOES she do it?!  She's amazing and I wish I could do HALF the things she can do!  I'm just waiting for her show to one day launch on HGTV...it will happen!

For a long time, I had been wanting curtains for my living room, but not just any old buy-at-Target curtains, I wanted custom curtains!  I had a certain vision in mind and I decided it was time to make the commitment!  I researched for a long time what design and style I wanted, and was originally going to purchase them through Etsy, but then a lightbulb went off in my head, ANNETTE!! DUH!!  So I decided to shoot Annette a text a see if she'd be up for the task.  She wrote me back and was so grateful that I even thought of her, and immediately started working on quotes.  Once we finalized all the details, and a quick visit to the house for some measurements, she began the project!

This was my original vision...

And this was before...

(For 8 years might I add!)

And the final result...

THEY ARE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!  Honestly, everything I could've imagined and more!!  They're 100% cotton, so I can wash them in the washer if I wanted to, and the best part is they're blackout curtains, so when it comes time to watch Walking Dead in October, I can watch it in the dark!! (Since I get to watch it early with DIRECTV while it's still light outside.)

I honestly can't thank Annette enough for making my vision become a reality!  She was so easy to work with and I am so grateful to know somebody as talented and creative as she is!

Literally, perfect.

P.S. Can you tell I like red?!

So, just to give you an idea of how long I've known Annette... her sister Laura and I are best friends, known each other since we were two, so basically Annette has known ME since I was two...so that would be 29 years. That's a LONG time folks!  Here's a fun throw back of us!

Here's a more recent picture of Annette (left) and Laura (right) at one of my Christmas parties, aren't they just beautiful!!?!