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Fab Finds: Locanda Veneta

Fab Finds: Locanda Veneta

The father/daughter foodie diaries continue with an authentic evening at Locanda Veneta or translated into English, "Venetian Inn."  My parents have been here before without me, so it was my dad's turn to show me the ropes for once!

It really did feel like a cozy Italian Inn where you walk in and you KNOW the food is going to be amazing!  As soon as we walked in, everyone was so welcoming and friendly and seated us at the best table in the house!  We had a view of the whole restaurant which was fantastic!

Our server immediately brought over some bread and a creamy pesto dipping sauce which was absolutely delicious!  

Since my mom and dad talked about this place so much, I decided to do my own research prior to dinner.  I like to do this before I go out to places I've never been because A. it cuts down ordering time, and B. if you research well enough, you know what you're gonna get!  I know, you're probably thinking, well that takes the fun out of going to dinner!  Well, I don't do this all the time, but when I'm going to a new place every night, I want to make sure I'm getting exactly what I want!

Tonight, we started with the "Fagottini di Melanzane" which was essentially like eggplant parmesan.  It was the perfect amount for two people to share, and so cheesy and so yummy!!

Fagottini di Melanzane - Eggplant rolls, stuffed with mozzarella and basil, baked with tomato sauce.

Next course, Salad and Soup! Duh!  I ordered the DELICIOUS "Insalata di Radicchio" and my dad ordered the soup special, a bell pepper soup. 

I loved the use of radicchio in the salad in place of romaine lettuce for something caesar salad-esque!.  It added a nice element to the dish and an extra bite!  Dad's soup was 100% pure bell peppers, no dairy, nothin'!  So basically a bowl of vegetables, super healthy, tasty and very filling! (As he kept saying all night..."That soup filled me up!")

Insalata di Radicchio - Venetian radicchio salad with homemade croutons and caesar dressing

Now on to the main event, and by main event I really mean it!!  Their dinner portion sizes are out of control!  So massive that you keep eating and eating and it barely looks like you put a dent in the dish!  It was slightly overwhelming...but in a good way of course.

After my "research," I saw countless photos and read numerous raving reviews about this one particular dish, which happened to be one of their many daily specials...the "Crab Risotto."  Lumps of crab mixed in with creamy risotto topped with a deep dried WHOLE soft shell crab.  Yup, you better believe it!

Look at the beauty...and you better believe I ate that whole crab!  THE. WHOLE. THING.  They don't call it soft shell for nothin'!

My dad decided to get wild and crazy and ordered the "Linguine al Frutti di Mare" aka seafood linguine.  This bad boy was filled to the brim with hearty pasta and a whole lotta seafood all tossed in a delicious red sauce!  Perfecto!

Linguine al Frutti di Mare - Homemade linguine pasta with lobster tails , mussels, shrimps, and manila clams in a red sauce


Liiiiiiiike, doesn't that look so good!??!  Well it was!!  And the pasta itself tasted so fresh accompanied with that deliciously savory red sauce!

Finally it was that time, time to cleanse out palate with something sweet.  We decided why not complete our authentic experience here and have some homemade "Tiramisu!"  This was SO good, not too sweet, just perfect.  You can really taste the richness of the mascarpone cheese whipped like a cloud , but also the lightness of the lady fingers....so smooth, creamy and decadent!  Mmm.... 

Tiramisu - Lady Finger Cookies soaked in Espresso and Marsala with Mascarpone Mousse topped with Cacao Powder

As we were getting ready to leave, four older women sat down next to us, probably ranging in age from 60-80 and they were such a hoot!  They were just a couple of friends getting together for dinner, catching up, talking about life, movies and vacations!  I hope to be just as lively and spirited as they are when I'm their age!  It was such a beautiful site to see!

(My dad was almost certain that one of the ladies was "on television" or as you would say an "ACTRESS," but I guess we'll never know!)

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