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Fab Finds: The Original Farmers Market

Fab Finds: The Original Farmers Market

"Meet me at Third and Fairfax!" 

The last couple times I've gone down to the Los Angeles area, I always try to make it a point to stop by The Grove (obvi) and of course the famous Third & Fairfax Farmers Market.  

Have you ever been to this farmers market??  Like, REALLY explored?!  It’s so much fun!  Full of every kind of food you can think of!  You can get anything there ranging from sushi to peanut butter, literally!  Again, I went in fully having done my research because this place can be a bit overwhelming if you’re just walking in for the first time.  So if you don’t have a particular destination in mind, where do you even begin!?  

After making a short list of a few stops I wanted to hit, I decided I wanted my actual meal to be from this amazing little Mexican place called "Loteria Grill!"  After weaving through the market for a bit, I finally stumbled upon this Mexican gem!  As soon as I walked up, I immediately noticed a line, so I knew I hit the jackpot!  You always know it’s gonna be good when there’s a line.  The line kept building and building behind me…and this was around 1:45pm, which was crazy because prime lunch hour was over!

I had it set in my mind that I was going to get the shredded beef nachos, a small though, because they offer them in small and large sizes.  So that was pre-planned…but then I got up to the counter and got a little excited and ended up ordering the nachos AS WELL AS the “Taquitos Dorados” and some refreshing Watermelon Aquas Frescas which is made with fresh fruit every day!!  That drink was the perfect thirst quencher for my warm day of exploring the market!  

The nachos were absolutely perfect.  They weren’t loaded with so many ingredients that it made the chips soggy; they stayed nice and crisp all the way to the end.  I think the best part was the mountains of cheese melted broiler style on top and all throughout the chips.  OMG and the shredded beef was so incredibly flavorful and juicy.   I also added the sour cream and guacamole on top which was a nice touch!  

NACHOS • Fresh Corn Tortilla Chips, Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, Jack Cheese, Tomatillo Salsa, Onion and Cilantro with Shredded Beef (sour cream and guacamole added)

The taquitos were offered in three different flavors or as a mixed plate, chicken, beef and potato.  I decided to get the mixed plate so I could try all three!  That’s exactly what I did was TRY them, I was so full from the nachos!  The only reason I ordered these little guys was because while waiting in line, people all around me kept talking about them and how delicious they were!  So the internal peer pressure set in, and I went for it at the last minute!  Out of the three, the beef was my favorite!

TAQUITOS DORADOS • 3 Crispy Corn Taquitos filled with your choice of our Shredded Beef, Shredded Chicken or Potatoes with Poblano Peppers. Crema Mexicana, Queso Fresco, Fresh Guacamole

After lunch, I ventured across the way to my next pre-planned stop, “Magee’s House of Nuts” because apparently this is where you can buy some of the best, freshest peanut butter around!  I ended up getting a large of the smooth peanut butter, a small of the krunchy peanut butter and a small of the fruit nut butter because duh, they use raisins in it!  Always on the hunt for the best use of raisins out there!  

These butters are so fresh!  The smooth peanut butter is made with dry roasted peanuts whipped into a creamy smooth texture.  When you taste it, your taste buds might be a little confused and think "why isn't it sweet?!"  Well that's because there is no added sugars or anything artificial which makes these butters much healthier and packed with protein and energy.  I love the minimal ingredient list with these butters, makes you feel good about what you’re putting in your body!  P.S. Swirl in some honey to your peanut butter, it's a great way to add natural sweetness!

Now we move on from healthy, to….indulgent!  Next on my list was “Littlejohn’s Candies” which is known for their world famous English toffee. #MyWeakness  This toffee is displayed in large squares in a clear case where the toffee literally tortures and taunts you to buy it!  In this situation, you buy according to weight.  So I told the girl I wanted some toffee and she went to break it up to measure and weigh it for me and asked how much and I said “the whole bar!”  and she looked at me like I was insane!  Haha Hey, I have friends and family I can share with, right?!  Then, again, the candy counter excited me and I saw “coconut rolls” which came in either dark or milk chocolate covered, so I got half a dark chocolate covered coconut roll.  Oooooh my goodness!  So rich and velvety, but sooooo divine!  I love everything dark chocolate and when that option is available, I’m so game!

After my feeding frenzy, I went to my favorite store in the whole area called “Monsieur Marcel” which is this amazing European market that not only carries fresh meats and cheeses, but olive oils, balsamic vinegars, every kind of spice you can imagine, mustard spreads, honey, wine, spirits, oh! and macarons!  I could spend hours in there, which I probably ended up spending almost two hours in there as it was!  I think next time I want to actually eat at their restaurant!  Gonna make that happen for sure! 

Take a look at some of the items I brought home with me!

If you're ever in the area, I HIGHLY suggest you plan a trip to this magical place!!  Between the Farmers Market and The Grove, you're set for the day!  (Which was exactly my day!)  Can't wait to go back and try something new!

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