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Fab Finds: Koi Restaurant

Fab Finds: Koi Restaurant

We finally come to the end of our Father/Daughter Los Angeles dinner adventures!  We ended on SUCH a high note and probably one of the best meals I've had in a really, really, REALLY long time!  Like I said, the meals kept getting better and better, and I'm SO happy we ended on this fabulous one!

I decided for our last dinner out to surprise my dad, pick a place and make the reservation without telling him where we were going.  So, when we were on our way, I knew he was excited for what was to come!  We ended up at the doorstep of "Koi Restaurant" which specializes in contemporary Japanese cuisine.  Boy were we in for a treat!

You immediately walk in through these big wooden doors into this beautiful courtyard that almost feels like someones private patio all lined with glimmering tea lights.  I already knew our dinner was going to be magical just as soon as we walked in!

Again, we were seated at one of the best tables in the house, overlooking the restaurant!  I started to notice a trend here...  Since my dad and I like to to eat out early (around 6pm), which is basically nap time for people in L.A., usually the restaurants are empty when we get there and don't start filling in until we're getting ready to leave!  It's pretty much like we have the place all to ourselves!  Our kind of style! 

As soon as we're settled in our nice cozy booth, our very upbeat and full of character server Angelo greets us and asks us if we'd like to start with cocktails or wine.  Dad ordered wine, and I decided to go with a cocktail tonight!  He recommended the "Rockin' Cucumber" because it was super refreshing, not too sweet and exactly what I needed.  I asked him if I could get it served on the rocks instead of martini style because I told him "I drink those too fast!" which is true, then he joked and said "Well, you're gonna lose some booze that way!"  It was worth it.

Rockin' Cucumber - Sake, Vodka, Cucumber, Mint, Yuzu

Next up, appetizers!!  I was so excited to be at a place with sushi because I had been CRAVING sushi so I knew we came to the right place!  Our friend Angelo recommended we order the "Kiiro Roll" and told us this had been the #1 selling roll on the menu for the past two months, so we did it!

Kiiro Roll - Spicy Yellowtail topped with Yellowtail Sashimi & Yuzu Glaze

We ALSO ordered their famous "Crispy Rice" served with both spicy tuna and kobe beef.  Yuuuuummmy!! Crispy rice!??!  Now you're talking!  Like gimme a whole plate of these!

Koi Crispy Rice - Topped with Spicy Tuna and Kobe Beef

When I tell you this, I am not over exaggerating, my dinner entrée was the BEST thing I've probably had ever.  You know that show on the Food Network "Best Thing I Ever Ate" well this dish deserves to be on there, hands down!  I ordered the "Braised Short Ribs" which just happened to have been braising away for THIRTY hours...so you can only imagine those flavors, the tenderness of the meat, just everything was so perfect.  When Angelo came over to ask how my meal was, I literally could not speak, I was indeed, speechless!  I could eat that meal over, and over, and over and I really wouldn't mind a Groundhog Day moment right about now! 

Braised Short Ribs - Plum Wine Reduction

My dad was equally satisfied with his dish, the "Sautéed Tiger Prawns" which were so flavorful and had just the right amount of bite! 

Sautéed Tiger Prawns - Sake, Sweet Sriracha

We couldn't finish our fantastic meal off without some dessert, so after much deliberation, we decided on the "Koi Sundae."  Sounds simple, right?  Oh, you just wait... 

Now that's a sundae!  Fully loaded with fresh bananas, a warm brownie, a profiterole, hot fudge & caramel sauces and a whole bunch of other goodies!  TO. DIE. FOR.  Now how the heck are you supposed to eat this, one might ask... 

Step one:

Step Two:

The Tasty Result:

GENIUS I SAY!!!  Now you can eat it!!  Omg I want to dig into that sundae RIGHT now!!  We couldn't stop eating it, it was sooooo good!  This dessert definitely has some flare and is most certainly a show!

AMAZING.  A big shoutout to Angelo, or as we called him "Kujo" throughout the night (He wanted to be a part of the "K" family so I named him Kujo, first name that came to my head! LMAO!!) who truly made our dining experience so much fun and worth every bite!  He was so full of life, entertainment and brought such joy to our evening! 

Also, I want to go back now, need that short rib in my belly stat.

I'm so fortunate and thankful that I've been able to enjoy some fabulous dinners over the past week, but especially thankful that I got to share all these experiences with my dad.  We have the best time together and I try to enjoy every opportunity I can with him!  

All I gotta say is, life is short, so eat dessert!

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