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Tahoe Wedding - #HoopHarted

We had the BEST time in Tahoe this weekend celebrating our friends Kit & Adrienne's wedding.  From Hawaiian greetings to Go-Pro's, every emotion and dance move was covered.  It was so much fun being there with our group of friends, just like the old days back at Cal Poly!

Congratulations again to the beautiful new bride and groom!

Liiiike, doesn't she just look STUNNING!?!?!  Can't even deal.  These two are just such a special couple and I love them so much!  

After the gorgeous ceremony, we moved on to cocktail hour while overlooking the gorgeous mountain scenery, doesn't get any better than that!

After cocktails, we went inside for dinner and a WHOOOOLE lotta dancing!!  We all had SO much fun!  Oh and the best part was, I learned a flash mob dance to Beyonce's "Run the World" in the bathroom about 15 minutes before we performed it, so that was fun! haha Somehow I got positioned RIGHT behind Adrienne, like why.  Story of my life, eyes on Adrienne, eyes on the fool behind her!  Still, so much fun to surprise Kit!

The Resort at Squaw Creek was unbelievably gorgeous!!  From the guest room mountain views, to the giant pool deck with a slide and all the shops and restaurants, they've got you covered!  It was such a treat to not only attend this beautiful wedding there, but to be a guest as well!  I would very much like to go back and explore everything they have to offer!

Once again, cheers to the beautiful couple, and best wishes for a wonderful life together!!


P.S. I chopped my hair off!  Did you notice!?!  EEEK!!!! I love it so much.

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