Fab Finds: 2016 Fall TV Premieres

It's officially September, so HAPPY FALL TV PREMIERE MONTH!!

This time of year excites me so much!!  It's Fall premiere season and new shows are just about ready to premiere!  Each Fall season there are so many shows that premiere that it's almost impossible to figure out which ones you should be watching.  

So, a couple years ago, I started creating a calendar and spending WAY too much time organizing it with all the premiere dates and times by network.  As years passed, it got a little more complicated with streaming networks and all the different outlets out there to watch shows.  As I was working on my calendar this year, I got through all the networks and realized I wasn't even halfway done, so I googled a calendar and this perfect piece of work popped up and it has EVERYTHING!!  It was such a glorious sight to see and my exhaustion perked right back up into excitement for all these new shows to dive into this Fall!  

(Click HERE and click the calendar to enlarge and take note!)

What NEW shows am I looking forward to this Fall?

What shows am I looking forward to returning?

(There's a TON of other shows I'm looking forward to returning, but I'm just not caught up on them, so I can't watch them quite when they premiere, but I'll get there!)

Hopefully this is a helpful guide for you this Fall season as a bajillion shows premiere... I tend to go into a DVR recording frenzy and record EVERY show!  I tell myself I can record every new show, but if they start to gather up more than 3 episodes, I have to delete them because they're either going to get canceled or I'm never going watch it.  I'm notorious for keeping a full DVR, I have a hard time parting with shows...I meeeean I may or may not have Hallmark Christmas movies still on there from last year... stop judging, you know you like them too!  

Good luck show hunting and happy Fall premiere month!!